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Rep. Napolitano’s Response to State of the Union Address

(Washington, D.C.) Tonight, Rep. Grace F. Napolitano released the following response to President Obama’s State of the Union address:

“Tonight President Obama reminded us we are on the right track, but there is still work to do. He made his strongest case yet to strengthen the middle class through job creation and a fairer tax policy, so hardworking families can remain in their homes and see their paychecks go farther. 2015 offers a fresh start and opportunity to concentrate on what is good for the country. By putting politics aside and investing in our future together to create good-paying jobs, America can once again lead in the world economy.”

“Making Community college more affordable rewards aspiring young leaders, putting them on the path for success. We call on our local businesses to step up to this challenge by offering more on-the-job training, ensuring an educated workforce for Southern California.”

“We applaud the President for taking bold steps to protect immigrants—who have contributed so much to our country—supported by the majority of Americans as well as evangelicals, law enforcement, and business communities. It is well past time for Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform to strengthen our economy and provide millions of families the security they need and deserve.”

“We must have a more open dialogue on the state of mental health in this country, especially the mental health of our veterans. Fighting stigma is something we all must do to encourage people to seek help and keep this conversation going. Ensuring early access to mental health services for children and their families is critical to the well-being of individuals, our communities, and our economy.”

“Our job in Congress is first and foremost to represent the people. In the San Gabriel Valley, I remain focused on our region’s most anticipated challenges and those we may not see coming. From increasing outreach to veterans and their families to preparing for future drought cycles and rebuilding our infrastructure, we must continue to work with local elected officials and businesses to meet the needs of our communities.”

After meeting with Napolitano earlier in the day, Monrovia Mayor Mary Ann Lutz attended the State of the Union Address as Napolitano’s guest.

“The State of the Union Address is a barometer for our country, so it was quite an honor to hear the President lay out his vision in person,” said Mayor Lutz. “It gives me great hopes for the future of our nation.”

  • Jobs says:

    Governor Brown, Cerritos and So. California areas, are all off presidents radar…………

    We ( Calif) have lost:
    • Boeing,
    • Charles Schwab,
    • Toyota,
    • Chevron,
    • Campbell’s Soup,
    • Rockwell,
    • Construction Industry,
    • Hollywood and Motion Picture Bus
    • Recreational RV Industry and GM/Ford Automotive Industry;
    • Farming Industry is being torched by Drought,
    • No foresight in to mass construction of public works for Desalinization Plants;
    • Lowest percentage of homeownership;
    • Solar this /that merely mentioned;
    • and a number of other well-known Fortune 500 companies that left the state.

    California is being undermined by Obama’s descriptive verbiage of China, we have lost a huge workforce employment sector of the Golden State.

    Obama cares more about Civil Rites and Child care, then building long term employment factories, so everybody has a chance to have job income.