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Five Year Old Saves Friend’s Life At Nixon Academy

Lifesaver Kaiden Thomas (left) and Blake Roemheld.

Lifesaver Kaiden Thomas (left) and Blake Roemheld.


By Brian Hews

Tuesday was a normal evening at the Roemheld household, with Mrs. Roemheld preparing dinner for her family as he always does.

That is until her son Blake, who attends transitional kindergarten at Nixon Academy, came in and chatted about his Monday lunch at school.

The story would both shock and delight Mrs. Roemheld.

“Mommy,” Blake said, “you shouldn’t have given me that steak (actually it was pot roast) in my lunch the other day.”

A bit surprised, Mrs. Roemheld said, “why, Blake you always love pot roast and veggies, it is your favorite.”

That is when Mrs. Roemheld heard why Blake did not want ‘steak’ anymore and why she is so happy that Blake knows Kaiden Thomas.

Blake went on to say, “while I was eating the steak at lunch a piece got stuck in my throat and I couldn’t breathe. I hit my friend’s arm, Kaiden, that was sitting next to me and he jumped up and came behind me and pushed on my chest.  The steak came flying out of my mouth, across the table onto the dirty ground.”

Mrs. Roemheld stood speechless as Blake told her the story about how Kaiden, a five year-old, performed the Heimlich maneuver and saved Blake’s life.

Mrs. Roemheld told HMG-CN how thankful and blessed that this “little angel boy” Kaiden was at the right place at the right time.

“I just had to call your newspaper and tell the story, I feel absolutely blessed to have Blake here with me, and that he had a friend in Kaiden.”




  • AndyAmerican says:

    This story truly warms my heart! I hope to see this story make national news. I think it would remind us all that the innocence of humankind is not forgotten, it is in the hearts of children.

  • Lynn L says:

    There is a wonderful, FREE program that teaches kids age 10+ how to do the Heimlich maneuver. They send a video, materials for taking notes, and adorable 42″ dolls for practice. We just did it with our group of American Heritage Girls. For more info, visit HeimlichHeroes. c o m It is funded by a non-profit so everything is free!