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Central Basin Water President Robert “Bob” Apodaca Named Worst Boss in America

CBMWD Bob Apodaca

CBMWD Bob Apodaca

Website eBossWatch puts  self-proclaimed Bob “Tag Team” Apodaca on its country-wide list of 100 terrible bosses for 2014.

By Brian Hews

Central Basin Municipal Water District Board President Robert “Bob” Apodaca can claim another dubious distinction as an elected member of the embattled Commerce water agency.

Apodaca is  one of America’s Worst Bosses of 2014.

The website eBossWatch, which allows people to anonymously rate their supervisors,  put Apodaca ahead of 43 other people from around the country who were in competition for the eBoss honor.

Apodaca was ranked 57th out of 100 worst bosses in America.

The site’s compilation of workplace monsters claims they have cost their employers more than $52 million in settlement awards.

All managers on the list were accused of either sexual harassment, discrimination, retaliation and/or creating a hostile work environment.

In September of this year, Hews Media Group-Community News exclusively obtained settlement documents related to the sexual harassment lawsuit filed by a former female employee with Central Basin Municipal Water District against Apodaca that resulted in a massive $670,000 payout for the victim.

Sigrid Lopez, who worked as a public outreach director with the Central Basin Municipal Water District filed the sexual battery lawsuit against Apodaca in 2012 alleging, among other things, that her contract was not renewed because she refused Apodaca’s sexual advances.

HMG-CN was the first newspaper to uncover and report about the lawsuit.  Since then, several other news agencies, radio talk shows, and news broadcasts have reported on the coverage.

Westlake Village-based law firm Sottile-Baltaxe filed the fifteen-page complaint at Los Angeles County Superior Court back in November 2013 on behalf of Lopez, who worked for the embroiled public agency for just six months in 2012.

In the lawsuit, Lopez alleged that Apodaca began making lewd comments shortly after she was hired. Lopez claims that Apodaca would speak to her in person or contact her via phone asking her “who do you blow,” telling her “he would not mind laying into her,” and boasted about “tag teaming” women at conferences he attended, among other things.

The suit also requests damages in eight different areas, the most serious of which include assault, battery, and sexual battery. Lopez alleged that Apodaca engaged in a series of inappropriate actions, including trying to kiss her and attempting to stroke her hands and thighs. These actions required Lopez to seek medical attention. The lawsuit did not specify her injury.

Lopez further claims that she is still suffering from mental anguish because of her ordeal.

In spite of this massive claim, Directors Leticia Vasquez and James Roybal voted Apodaca in as President of the Board in October of this year.

HMG-CN has published many exposes on the Roybal Three, consisting of James Roybal, Leticia Vasquez, and Apodaca. HMG-CN’s Dirty Water Series  garnered the second place award for Best Investigative Series at the 2013 LA Press Club Awards.



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