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October 31 Hews Media Group-Community News eNewspaper

To our loyal readers:

We are all very proud of our “little community newspaper” this month. The record-breaking volume of local election advertising this month is a testament to the readership and distribution that HMG-CN has in the cities we serve.

With daily newspapers leaving large parts of Los Angeles uncovered, community newspapers fill a vital role as city watchdogs, and your support ensures their viability.

All of us here at HMG-CN thank you for your loyal readership and advertising support and wish all candidates good luck in today’s election.

 Brian Hews, Editor and Publisher


Click on image to view PDF of our eNewspaper.

We published a four page advertising wrap around the newspaper this week, main news starts on page four.


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  • Tim Kelemen says:

    Dear HMG-CN,

    My sincerest thanks and kudos…

    You guys are fearless, and bring strength to our
    Community by keeping things above board.
    Without your written voice, the knuckleheads
    who may not care for you would likely be
    crossing that line even further, and would end up
    in jail… Their actions are keeping you in business,
    and they should be thanking you too!