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No on ABCUSD Bond Measure AA Campaign Committee Publishing Outright Lies

By Brian Hews

Hews Media Group-Community News has obtained a No on AA direct mail piece sent out this weekend by the  ABC Citizens for Responsible Spending campaign committee that has once again raised the ire of local politicians by listing Measure AA supporter and Hawaiian Gardens Mayor Reynaldo “Rey” Rodriguez as opposing the $190 Million general improvement bond.

Click here to see mailer.

Three weeks ago, HMG-CN published an article about the supporters of Measure AA denouncing campaign mailings and websites from AA opponents.

Maynard Law, who is a current member of the ABC School Board, told HMG-CN that the campaign currently being conducted to defeat the bond measure is “totally misleading” and that “false information” is being distributed on two websites that are “destroying the future progress at ABCUSD.”

In an interview with HMG-CN Mayor Rodriguez, who has several Yes on AA signs in his yard, was visibly angry that the mailer indicated he was opposing the measure.

Rodriguez said, “the publishing of this piece with my name opposing the measure is completely false, it just shows the level the No on AA opponents will go to defeat the bond measure, everything they put out has some kind of lies in it.”

Rodriguez specifically mentioned two websites, one that is being managed by Cerritos resident James Yee and another from Ben Ao who is the leader of the United Homeowners Association also based in Cerritos.

Law said that Yee, and Ao need to be “called to task” and that they are “spreading lies and misstatements about what Measure AA will do and what it will not do in the future.”

Law also said that current Cerritos Mayor Pro-Tem Carol Chen and former Mayor Grace Hu need to be “held accountable” for their “actions” in “spreading lies” to the voters.

“Look, Carol Chen and Grace Hu stand to lose a lot of money if this ballot measure is approved, since both of them own multiple properties within the ABC School District,” Law said.

Law also said that another former ABC School Board Member Cecy Groom is also working hard to defeat Measure AA.

“Some people have told us that they can’t support the bond, because they are getting to much pressure from Republican realtors and Cecy Groom,” he said.

 Sign Stealing

Another issue raised by AA supporters during the campaign was stealing of the Yes on AA yard and open area signs.

This writer personally witnessed two areas with Yes on AA signs that are now gone.

The lot directly across the street from HMG-CN offices at Artesia and Shoemaker had four Yes on AA signs four weeks ago, within one week they were gone.

Also signs on Pioneer and Artesia were pilfered within one week after placement.

In both areas No on AA signs remained.

“We put out over 150 signs out four weeks ago, the only signs you see now are in resident’s yards, all the others are gone, while No on AA signs are still up,” said Law.

This is an anti-school and anti-kids campaign that they are waging against us,” Law said.

AA supporters will carry on until the very end, which is tomorrow.

AA supporters told HMG-CN that only 2,000 absentee ballots had been sent in “which is a good sign.”

Law said that the current ABC School Board came up with six different areas of concern that are the focal points contained in Measure AA.

He said that the bond is intended to update classrooms and to “bring them into the 21st Century, instead of being stuck with broken chairs and desks from the 1970’s and 80’s.”

He also said that Measure will deliver the funded for updating Science and Technology labs, addressing how to maintain, upgrade or remove 107 “temporary” portable classrooms that have been dotting local campuses for more than 20 and 30 years.

“This bond is needed, no question about it.  Our newest school is 40 years old, and that school is Whitney High School,” Law said.  A majority of our schools were built in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s.

Law and other supporters of Measure AA said that they “did not expect this type of opposition.”

“Please get out and vote yes for the Bond,” said Law, “its for the kids.”




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