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Cerritos water consumption decreases by nearly 10 percent 

HMG-CN City Wire

In the midst of a statewide drought emergency in California, and following emergency water conservation regulations implemented by the Cerritos City Council in August, water consumption in Cerritos decreased nearly 10 percent in September compared to water consumption amounts in September 2013.

In September 2013, the City pumped and purchased 821.44 acre feet of water and residents used 158 gallons per capita per day. In September 2014, the City pumped and purchased 746 acre feet of water and residents used 143 gallons per capita per day, reflecting a nearly 10 percent decrease in water consumption.

According to a report from the State Water Resources Control Board, water use in Southern California decreased 7.8 percent this past August compared to August of the previous year.

  • Port Union says:

    When is the council going to allow for artificial turf and gravel gardens? Be nice if the homeowners could get barrels of reclaimed water, tapping in to local fed parks.

    Even w/ reclaimed water for public city owned areas, seems like such waste of money and energy, to have grass covering everything, which not only sucks water, but the maintenance is very expensive, when keyed in all of the operational costs of growing grass crops. Even city’s parks, never use the wall to wall grass areas. Most of the parks are being used by surrounding communities, feeding off the Cerritos owned n maintained parks.