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Dr. and Mrs. Moskowitz Donate $5,000 to Yes on Measure AA-ABCUSD School Improvement Bond


[l-r] Richard Hathaway, Sal Flores, representing Dr. and Mrs. Moskowitz, one of the largest property owners in the ABCUSD, Toan Nguyen as a private citizen, and Cerritos resident Celia Spitzer at the ABC Federation of Teacher’s office at 195th and Norwalk in Cerritos. Dr. and Mrs. Moskowitz gave the private donation of $5,000 to the Yes on Measure AA-ABCUSD School Improvement Bond. Photo by Brian Hews

  • No on AA Mello Roos says:


    Maybe the Dr. can prepay the new taxes for all of the families in the ABCUSD who can not afford, because of limited income from retirement, or recession. Mrs Spitzer has huge -401 K from IBM and sits pretty in gated Shadow Park HOA. Not all cities making up the ABCUSD are as well off, compared to Cerritos.

    As of October 8, 2014, the shameless “Yes on Measure AA for ABC’s Schools” group has been paid $53,000 by big banks, law firms, architecture/construction firms and the teacher’s union to campaign for Measure AA and defeat us ABC taxpayers so they can line their bloody pockets with our hard-earned money. These crooks don’t even live here! We must not let them succeed. We must defend ourselves against their greed.

    With an extremely small budget, we have done as much as we can to get the word and to protect your money. Although we sent our mailer to every single home, we know most people don’t read. So, please, please stand up and talk to all your friends and neighbors. Tell them about this shameless violation of our taxpayers’ rights and urge them to visit our website and vote NO on Measure AA.

    Little by little, we raised $7,000 from ordinary citizens like you, but we spent over $8,000 on the mailer campaign (for printing and postage). Now we are over $1,000 in the red. There is so much more we can do but without money we can’t do anything. So please, if you haven’t done so, please send us a check and send it to 16407 Greenlake Lane, Cerritos, CA 90703. We need your help so we can help you. Thank you in advance.

    United Homeowners Alliance
    A Community Organization


  • Tim Kelemen says:

    You comment that “they are lining their bloody pockets with our hard earned money”,
    and that donations from ordinary citizens are paying for your campaign costs.

    You unfortunately ( or intentionally ) didn’t leave your name, but shame on you for
    spreading half truths. None of the funds can be used for salaries or pay raises, or even
    “bloody pockets”. Your support will be used to provide a renovated and improved
    learning environment for our children!

    …and last I checked, the misleading opposition, received a $5000 donation from an
    unnamed source and a $500 check from Artesia Mayor Tony Lima, both of whom
    are probably worth more than the average “Shadow Park” resident ( but that’s a non-
    Issue ). Shame on you again.

    Let’s please stick to the real issues, truthfully ( and HEWS please contact me, if I’m
    Incorrect ).

    Perhaps we can sit down with the paper for an open dialogue, you might feel better using your name, and discussing the issues factually.

    Tim Kelemen