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Brown Vetoes Water Board Ethics Bill

HMG-CN Staff Report

Governor Brown has once again vetoed an ethics reform bill; the latest one centered around donations to water boards members.

The bill by Assemblywoman Christina Garcia (D-Bell Gardens) would have prohibited water board members throughout the state from accepting campaign donations higher than $250 from individuals who have business pending before the boards.

The measure was prompted by a controversy, first published in HMG-CN, involving suspended state Sen. Ronald S. Calderon (D-Montebello) and his brother Tom Calderon.

The two had made large campaign donations to most members of the Central Basin Municipal Water District board before the board approved a consulting contract for Tom Calderon.

Brown said AB 1728 would “add more complexity” by applying only to water boards.

  • Alex Rodriquez says:

    Cristina Garcia should seek to implement the same rules on the Assembly as she tried to impose on water districts…what a hypocrite! Is is any surprise she’s backing Jason Stinnett for Central Basin against Art Chacon in November? Stinnett is a union-backed hack so those donation wouldn’t have faced the restrictions Garcia was pushing. Wonder if that was coordinated? Thank goodness Brown told her to piss off. Let’s just hope the voters tell Stinnett the same thing.