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September 26 Hews Media Group-Community News eNewspaper


September 26, 2014 eNewspaper, click on Page 1 below to view PDF.

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  • Ironwood Golfer says:

    LCCN: Growing Together, Pg 4, Sept/26/2014

    Well Mr Bellflower, Mayor Santa Ines…….
    5 BF Council Men are all old men. What about youth and female residents, who should replace these old men? Why prohibition on other then old men?

    You too, have devastated BF. Hoods are filthy, many condo-apart are moles for drugs, BF Blvd has been reduced to vacant pads. Look at all the auto- dealers too, which have vacated BF. Shame on BF, past councils, which have mostly been self centered realtors, who rezone A-Z for their own pocket books. BF courthouse has only increased ATM bedroom prostitution and no worthy business to feed off of the in-out transit traffic at 8am and 1pm. BF had done little to catch the sales tax stream from the courthouse mislocation.

    Hmmm, look at / the litigation against BF, for the church zoning issues stemming from Alternative Lifestyle. Why is BF being so Homophobic?

    Yes, once BF had the proud Chicago area, it too is become less diamond area and more diamond to rust. Even Rancho realtors board felt BF unsafe, and fled to Cerritos. Now Kaiser Med Center has left for Downey-Cerritos-Anaheim Canyon.

    So your the Mayor, well the filth surrounding the DMV- BF falls in your court, as this said BF/Artesia Blvd strip is moving fast to Buena Park and Lakewood, many of my friends have left BF.

    Once, local residents-diary families, owned blocks and blocks of apartments ( 5 star units) , but ditched them, when BFCC rezone for 2 story condos, which only divided the streets w/strip zone.

    Well glad to read this post, the king of BF and home to Sect 8 housing, which does not have to advertise Sect 8 with filth, debris, boarded windows, etc. Where is BF code enforcement for keeping Sect 8 dwellings, compatible to the hoods.

    1960’s BF Blvd was home to nightly cruize nights. Traffic brought money in to the street business, gas stations, cafe, car part stores and kept BF auto dealers sales hi hi hi. Today, cars have left to cruize other cites.

    City wants revenue, fill some of the vacant car dealerships w/ new dealers, which Cerritos Does not have:
    • Mercedes.
    • BMW.
    • Cadillac.
    • RVs
    • Ikea.
    • In-Out Burger.
    • CarMax
    • Car Rental sale brokers.

    Ines, you should be so proud of yesterdays CC, which left you pride and joy, now BF is home to ghettoizing hoods, little to zero urban planning.

  • FLFF says:

    The article about Mendoza’s attack ad is about right for this UBER libturd demo RAT! He has been my representative for YEARS and he ONLY answered letters IF I supported and toed the liberal demo-crap line of BULL-CRAP! He is not to be trusted WITH anything resembling responsibility or being creditable for even dog catcher! He deserves to be thrown in the cesspool of demo-creep politics!

    DO NOT vote for this POS! He will promise all and deliver NOTHING if you are NOT a corrupt union official or illegal alien lover like HIM!

  • FLFF says:

    All elections in Kalifornia (or mexifornia as we call it now) are like a plugged toilet, no matter how much you flush, the same old turds (recycled liberal demo-rat politicians ..like Mendoza) keep floating up to the top!! Nothing changes except the top view and it is more of the same..

    The brilliant editor H.L. Mencken had a way of being succinct that sparkled with wit. “There is no idea so stupid that you can’t find retarded liberal a professor who will believe it,” he once remarked.

    “We will secure the border” – Biggest political lie of the year!

    A truism worthy of note…
    Do not fear the enemy, for they can take only your life.
    Fear the media, or they will distort your grasp of reality and destroy your honor.
    …Gen. Vo Nguyen Giap