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Norwalk City Council Urges Residents to Vote Yes on Measure B.


  • David Lauderdale says:

    Brian, Randy….
    Where is the news here ?? The news should be how the Norwalk City Council and administration have been illegally accessing and illegally collecting Utility User Tax on Cell Service in Norwalk. And now they (City Council as pictured) want the voters of Norwalk to validate their illegal deeds and pass Measure B…Duh.Of course they want to pass the measure.. THEY WROTE IT……And read the measure.. Its asks to pass an ordinance that IS NOT YET WRITTEN !!!!!!!!!Is this another one of those “you have to vote on it to see what is in it?” I think we fell for that once and I guess we all know how that worked out.. Well perhaps not just yet, as we seem to find out more and more every day about the “Affordable Care Act” …Lets not be so gullible if not so STUPID to do that again.. Write the ordinance and lets vote..Lets vote NO on Measure B and hold this City Council and this administration responsible for continuing to take revenues they were not entitled to take. I questioned Mr. Eganif these cases had been taken to fruition … He declined to answer as he did not know of any… Perhaps Hews News could do some research and report on Carla Villa,et al vs City of Chula Vista.. You may find some case history and a precedent for the law suits against the practice of collecting UUT on cellular service.
    David Lauderdale
    Norwalk, Ca.

  • don says:

    The post is not sponsored by they city u idiot its sponsored by vernola to have more programs available stupid shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!