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‘Inside Edition’ Captures Norwalk ‘Mysterious Mountain Lion,’ Mayor Rodarte in Feature Segment

Norwalk’s mysterious “mountain lion” has captured the attention of “Inside Edition” and now it seems everyone around the community of 90650 is talking about the cities roaming creature.

On Monday, the wildly popular news magazine show featured “the lion” along with Mayor Marcel Rodarte in a segment that sheds extra details on the “big cat” that was caught on a home video camera last week.

“Is there a lion on the loose in Los Angeles? A surveillance video from a home in Norwalk, a suburb of Los Angeles, had folks really spooked! It looked like a lioness on the prowl,” the two minute segment asks viewers.

“Rodarte, the town mayor, told INSIDE EDITION, It could be an escaped animal from the circus. It could be someone’s illegal pet. We just don’t know what the origin of the animal is at this point,” Inside Edition reported.

Above is a copy of the clip. BTW. If you spot the “Norwalk Lion,” you probably want to call “911” to notify law enforcement officials.

–Randy Economy

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