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Skyy Fisher Arrest Compton School Board Member Charged With Oral Copulation

UPDATE: Monday, July 28, 2014



UPDATE: Monday, July 28, Noon

Hews Media Group-Community Newspaper received the following photo from a source that shows Compton School Board Member Skyy Fisher in what appears to be at a bar wearing a t-shirt with the following words: “Shi*faced, Fu**ed, Hammered, Stoned, Drunk, Laid, Tonight.”  

Arrested Compton School Board member Skyy Fisher proudly wearing a profanity laced shirt.  Photo was sent to Hews Media Group-Community Newspaper from a source on Monday morning.

Arrested Compton School Board member Skyy Fisher proudly wearing a profanity laced shirt. Photo was sent to Hews Media Group-Community Newspaper from a source on Monday morning.


UPDATE, SUNDAY, JULY 27, 2014, 7:01 p.m.

Micah Ali, the current President of the Compton Unified School District Board of Education has demanded that Skyy Fisher immediately resign his position in a statement to Hews Media Group-Community Newspaper. Ali said, “As President of the Compton Unified School District Board of Trustees, I work with a group of leaders, who are committed to the academic success of the students and families of our district. We have worked tirelessly over the past few years to dramatically improve the quality of education for our students and can point to significant success. But, we still have work to do. That is why I am demanding my colleague on the Board, Skyy Fisher, to step-down as a Board Member while the current investigation into allegations against him are completed and resolved. As education policymakers (leaders) cannot afford any distractions or lack of focus on our most important goal – our student’s success.”

Original Post Below:


Compton Unified School Board Member Skyy Fisher was arrested this week and charged with orally copulating a minor.  Photo via Facebook.

Compton Unified School Board Member Skyy Fisher was arrested this week and charged with oral copulation. Photo via Facebook.

By Brian Hews

Skyy Fisher, a controversial member of the Compton Unified School District Board of Education was formally charged this past week by federal officials for alleged sexual assault of an unconscious victim.

U.S. Marshals took the outspoken 31-year old Fisher into custody on Wednesday just before 2 p.m. He was arrested by deputies with the Pacific Southwest Regional Fugitive Task Force apparently at the Los Angeles World Trade Center.

Fisher told NBCLA News Reporter Beverly White in an interview on Thursday: “I’m shocked, shocked. It was very hard when I found that’s what the charge was. It’s very stressful for me, but my main goal is to defend my name.”  Fisher said the case began in early June but gave no specifics. His lawyer disputed the allegation.

Fisher’s attorney Maryetta Marks also told NBC LA, “(There was) nothing involving any type of oral copulation of any kind on the part of my client. That’s why we requested reports to just find out.”

On Sunday, Fisher released the following statement from his spokesperson Jasmyne Cannick.

“There is absolutely no truth to the reports or rumors that the complaining witness in the case against Mr. Skyy Fisher is a minor or child. The arrest warrant describes the complaining witness as a “26-year-old male” and the alleged crime as pertaining to “violations of Penal Code section 288A(F)(1) P.C. Oral copulation of an unconscious person,” Cannick claimed. “Mr. Fisher is focused on serving the children and parents of the Compton Unified School District and is not resigning from his position as member of the Governing Board of Trustees. It is unfortunate that certain individuals in the community have used inaccurate information to help steer their own personal agenda of thwarting the efforts of Mr. Fisher in his capacity as a board member of the CUSD. Mr. Fisher expects to be fully exonerated and vindicated in this matter,” Cannick concluded.

Cannick also confirmed that “on the morning of June 3, 2014, a search warrant for DNA was executed at the home of Mr. Fisher by the San Diego Police Department. At that time Mr. Fisher fully cooperated with law enforcement and provided an oral DNA sample.

She said that prior to this incident, “Mr. Fisher was unaware of any investigation or pending charges.”

At no time was Mr. Fisher ever avoiding or evading law enforcement once this matter came to his attention. In fact, on June 3, 2014 in written correspondence to Detective Bradley, Mr. Fisher’s attorney requested a date for him to appear in court for arraignment voluntarily and that an arrest warrant was not necessary.

Cannick said that law enforcement officials were trying to “humiliate” Fisher during the arrest and claimed that “without any forewarning six marshals with the Pacific Southwest Regional Fugitive Task ascended upon Mr. Fisher’s place of employment in downtown Los Angeles.”

“We can only surmise at this time that the intent was to humiliate Mr. Fisher in front of his co-workers. There was no reason for six armed law enforcement personnel to come up from San Diego to take Mr. Fisher into custody. Mr. Fisher’s attorney repeatedly requested a date and time for him to appear in court,” Cannick said.

“At no time was Mr. Fisher a fugitive, avoiding or evading law enforcement in this matter. Mr. Fisher was processed at the Vista Detention Center in San Diego on July 23, 2014. At no time was Mr. Fisher ever made aware of the charges against him prior to his arrest. After being processed at the Vista Detention Center, he was then and only then allowed to call his attorney,” Cannick went on to say.

Cannick is a good friend of Central Basin Municipal Water District Director Leticia Vasquez. Sources tell HMG-CN that Vasquez got Cannick the job with Fisher. Cannick received over $9,000 in 2012 from a questionable CBMWD contract approved by Vasquez.

Ms. Vasquez is also a good friend of Fisher as seen by the picture from Fisher’s Facebook below. Vasquez attended an Education Reform meeting organized by Fisher.

Vasquez and Fisher

Mr. Fisher posted the $100,000 bail and was released from custody in the early morning of July 24, 2014. He is due back in court in San Diego on July 31, 2014 at which time he will enter a plea of not guilty.

Fisher has been a lightning rod on the Compton Unified School since his election.  He sparked an outcry when he called deceased Florida teen Trayvon Martin a “faggot black dude” and school Superintendent Karen Frison a “bitch” during a published podcasted interview.

Hews Media Group will continue to cover this ongoing criminal arrest of Fisher during the next several days and weeks.

  • Mario Gomez says:

    Friends with Leticia Vasquez?? That’s shocking. Birds of a feather…. Wasn’t Jasyne Cannick the same hack that Leticia got hired at Central Basin without seeking competitve bids? Funny how these “type” of people always seem to travel in the same circle and always seem to attract the same kind of attention. That won’t happen once Im elected to Central Basin in November!

  • FLFF says:

    Compton, sex crimes involving blacks & lots of corruption, and money? Why are we NOT surprised at this? Ha Ha Ha Ha.. it is in their DNA folks..

  • Wallace says:

    This sounds like the Brother was setup. However unfortunate the whole situation is a young Blackman attempting to enact positive change is being denigrated by his peers. Seems to me that someone has an agenda against him for being outspoken and willing to speak on change for the better.

  • Lamont says:

    Looks like the real, and I quote, “Faggot black dude”, just got caught!

  • Tricia says:

    I have personally never been a fan or supporter of Mr. Fisher as it seems that every time he opens his mouth ignorance comes out but something about this story just sounds fishy. I firmly believe that Mr. Fisher does not need any help ruining his own political career. Let the man proves his innocence or be punished for his actions without the lies, made up stories and a quick call for his resignation. If the people of Compton didn’t actively pursue his removal from the school board after the Trayvon Martin comment and they had proof he said it why are they being so quick to ask for a resignation when they are unsure of the facts in this case that’s unfolding before us that has many stories being released to media. Everyone deserves to face their accuser. I bet when this story unfolds we will all be shocked. A made for TV movie…

  • Bert Rodriquez says:

    These are just the type of clowns that get elected these days. Look at all the stories this newspaper has written about Central Basin Water’s Leticia Vasquez (Skyy’s BFF) and James Roybal (a child molester at LAUSD himself). These lowlifes just can’t help themselves. They were simply never meant to run for pulic office! Then there’s Albert Robles over at Carson and WRD and Issac Galvan in Compton. These people are all cut from the same cloth.