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Cerritos Mayor’s Column: Get in Shape This Summer in Cerritos


Mark Pulido

Cerritos Mayor Mark Pulido

By Mayor Mark E. Pulido

As I made mention of in a previous column, earlier this year Cerritos was named a “Playful City USA” by KaBOOM!, a national non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that all kids get a childhood filled with the balanced and active play needed to thrive. This was the seventh consecutive year Cerritos received this designation in honor of its efforts to provide outstanding recreation programs and facilities for children.

In fact, Cerritos has great programs and facilities for all of our residents, whatever your age may be. With the numerous amenities available throughout the City, opportunities abound here to exercise and stay in shape this summer.

Take an early morning walk or enjoy a leisurely evening stroll with your family after dinner at one of the City’s many parks. Both Cerritos Park East and Liberty Park have jogging/walking tracks equipped with a soft rubberized surface, making exercise easier on your joints. Cerritos Regional Park has a fantastic walking path around its perimeter, in addition to two exercise station areas with various pieces of workout equipment. Baseball diamonds, multipurpose playing fields, basketball courts, handball courts, tennis courts and playground areas are some of the other amenities featured at these and other neighborhood parks throughout the City.

Liberty Park, the Cerritos Olympic Swim and Fitness Center and the Cerritos Senior Center at Pat Nixon Park (for people age 50 and older) offer fitness centers to help keep you healthy. These gyms include multi-max stations, treadmills, stair climbers, elliptical machines and free weights. Contact each facility for information about membership and fees.

Taking a swim at the Cerritos Olympic Swim and Fitness Center is another great way to stay in shape, and to keep cool during the warm summer months. Numerous youth enjoy the Cerritos Skate Park at the Cerritos Sports Complex as a way of getting their daily exercise. And if golfing is your thing, you can log some healthy walking time while also improving your game out on the Cerritos Iron-Wood Nine Golf Course.

Enjoying a nice stroll around the Cerritos Towne Center in the early evening is another good way to exercise and also do some window shopping. Or, during the heat of day, take advantage of the air conditioned Los Cerritos Center and peruse the stores while you walk the mall.

Check out the City’s website at cerritos.us for more information about the various parks and facilities available to help you stay active and healthy this summer. Make a point to exercise regularly, wherever it may be. In addition to helping you stay in shape, exercising is the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your family and to plan some fun outings together throughout the week. I encourage everyone in our community to utilize all that is available in the city to keep you and your families healthy and happy.


  • M c M a h o n says:

    Mayor D/ Mark P:

    Isn’t this press more about influencing public, via money and logos?

    Yes our parks #10, but our public works, street public landscape is rated #-10, more or less, F-.

    Do any of our parks have the Urban Menopauses, COMPARED to our PW ruins, per photographs: http://cerritospublicworks.blogspot.com/

    CCC allocated additional $100K for street tree trimming. Roughly comes to $200 Per tree for trimming. Yes, the paid honor for PLAYFUL CITY USA Soc; is paid membership group for the wealthy USA cities.


    • Knabes Park: Cerritos Regional Park is excel. There is nothing for the 47% Senior Population in Cerritos. Not all seniors from 55YO- 100+YO who can’t walk, so we are locked out from the beautiful 86 Acre Park. Rare to spot a bench to perch on.

    • Most 90703 residents purchased in to becoming Property Owners for the beauty of Cerritos Master Planning, plus RV Wide Sideyards!!! Present / past CCC have allowed the Public Work to decay with the Urban Menopause.

    • P&R are over the top, but we moved here 40+ yrs not to be entertained in Disneyland Hype, but to enjoy the beauty of living in environmental horticulture community, technology galore, plus hoods full of friendly residents. Our hoods have vacant dwellings and land of rental investments. Our malls are not universally facilitated with HEARTLAND OF AMERICAN STAPLES.

    Marks Pulido Quote:
    “Exercising is the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your family and to plan some fun outings together” You are democrat, why is Carol Chen (R) Sunshine Park, BB courts are locked way before sunset, locking families out from shooting Hoops. Sunshine Park is for everyone, and R/ Carol Chen should be ashamed of locking out family’s usage of the facilities, by locking the hoop at her pecans dinner hr.

    Mark, invite the CCC come visit, Mammoth Rd, Cerritos, Ca.; it is horrid mess of dying horticulture, while the CCC has doubled their traveling expense account for 2015. Mammoth Rd is entry to our tract of homes, which is F-. Then look at Carol Chen’s beautiful lush lush lush green : Sunshine Park, w/ night lites, etc.


    40 YR 90703 Resident.

  • M c M a h o n says:


    Mark Pulido.


    Thanks for improving Mammoth Rd today. Its much improved. Todd Kuh and Steve Bova, managed Valley Crest-Brickman Landscape, hence improved the meridian.

    Thanks Brian and Randy, for blogging in LCCN.


    Mark Pulido, you were just being born in the 70’s, but the city was absolutely horticulture beautiful, shameful all of the money the developers poured in to the city, to make it state of the art, master plan city. The following CCC have allowed for urban menopause to rot our away at our city and public works.

    I will never live long enough to witness and enjoy the real Crown Jewel our city once was during the 70’-80’s.

    Sheree and Mark, Thanks also for the USA Flags on Del Amo for Memorial Day and 4th. My tract and La Palma Landmark Tract, plus the staffers at LP all noticed and thanked me personally. Many knocked on my door. Pass this thanks on to both of you for making it reality. For readers info, Landmark Tract of Home, had some maj. structural damage to the foundations, during the 80’s, and most dwellers had to spend aprox. $200K per home to raise the homes and pour new foundations.

    Again Mark, thanks for your improvement and God Bless.

    Resident from the 70’s.