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Portuguese Fans Reunir to Artesia to Watch USA-Portugal World Cup Match on Sunday

Artesia DESBy Brian Hews

A large contingency of fans from the Portuguese community will be gathering in Artesia on Sunday to watch the historic World Cup Soccer match between the United States and Portugal, and the community is invited to attend.

Leaders from the Artesia DES told Hews Media Group-Community Newspaper on Thursday that their organization will be hosting a “Watch Party” at the Portuguese Hall on Sunday with doors opening at 1:30 with the game beginning at 3 p.m.

Food and drinks will be available before the game.

“We will have a restaurant open at 1:30 serving mainly portuguese cuisine – steaks, steak sandwiches and shrimp plates but we will also be serving hamburgers and other options. We have 2 full service bars that will be open and we have seating for 300 plus fans,” a spokeswoman for the Artesia DES told HMG-CN.

Their website can be found at www.artesiades.org or visit Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Artesiades?ref=br_tf

Here is more information about the organization:

The Artesia DES was founded in 1927 with the idea to promote the traditions of the Portuguese in Artesia. It came about after the founding of the Holy Family Catholic Church in 1925 by the Portuguese Community and by Father Manuel Vicente, its first Pastor. The first Festa do Divino Espirito Santo was held in 1927. Mass was said at the Frampton Building for the first couple years of the festa, followed by a parade to the same site that the Artesia DES is at today. Circus tents were used as a temporary shelter to serve the “Sopas do Espirito Santo” until the hall was built in 1935. Holy Family was built on Corby Ave in 1931 and was subsequently moved to its present day site on Clarkdale Ave. in 1960. If you are still wondering, D.E.S. stands for Divino Espírito Santo (Divine Holy Spirit).

  • Landon Donovan says:

    Good to see all the Portuguese gathering together to support team USA…I mean you do live here in America afterall…Show some support for your HOME as well!

    • Paul Barcelos says:

      We support both teams. Not sure where you see that this is only to support Portugal. There will be fans supporting both teams. On another note, don’t masquerade as Landon Donovan.

  • Barack Obama says:

    Go USA!!!!
    -I am Barack Obama and I approve this message

  • jurgen Klinsmann says:

    Being zee coach of zee US of A team I want to say zat I vill do vwhat it takes to win deez match. Go Go US of A!

  • Clint Dempsey says:

    Ronaldo ain’t got nothin on me!!! USA baby!

  • Uncle Sam says:

    Landon – there will be plenty of support for both teams there and supporters of both sides are welcome.

  • Marc Gonsalves says:

    Paul, don’t feed the troll!