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June 13, 2014 Los Cerritos Community News eNewspaper

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  • M c M a h o n says:

    EDITORIAL | Dr. Mary Sieu | President of ABC |

    LCCN | Dr. Mary Sieu editorial | ABC Audit? | 6/6/2014


    LCCN dated 6/6/2014. Something is wrong with the ABC Graduation equation. States that approximately 1,500 kids graduated from the ABC school district ‘14. This is combining:
    • Cerritos,
    • Artesia,
    • Hawaiian Gardens;
    • Sections of Norwalk, Long Beach, Bellflower;
    • East Lakewood,

    Dr. Mary Sieu, why haven’t you written some articles pertaining to the new national Core Education approach to teaching, as parents of the ABC need to be updated on the pros /cons of Core. Seems like our only updates about Core our learned from television shows. Isn’t one of the many jobs of president of ABC to keep the residents informed about teaching standards and news updates?


    Numbers in the graduating class 2014 are low, compared to 42,000 Cerritos Residents. Families are fleeing Cerritos once populous of 45,000 to today’s low of 42,000; plus home to 47% Senior Citizens.

    Graduating Class 2014:
    • Artesia HS contributed: 250
    • Gahr and Cerritos HS : aprox 1000.
    • Tracey HS 100
    • Whitney high school : ……..170……..

    Ridiculous for the size of Whitney HS compound and operating budget; grades 7-12 only……..170……. Graduates. No wonder why they are smart, teacher to student ratio are almost 1:1, plus all the money spent on ABCSD for mere 170.


    Seems Whitney needs to import more students from Gahr and Cerritos high school. What the heck is our ABC Trustees doing to correct this? All we have hear from CCC during meetings, is Whitney this and that, when they are holder of only 170 graduating class.

    Hope the CCC- 2015 Budget withholds all funds from ABC SD until these ratios can merge to resemble real cross thread of diversity. Wouldn’t even employ a janitor to that campus, as the numbers are so unreal.


    Almost every CCC or ABC hearing, council persons or trustees talk about Whitney HS, but ignore Tracey HS. Well Tracey HS has almost as many grads, compared to flagship of Whitney HS. Tired how our electees are bullying the students from Whitney HS in to super stardom, as waiting for the Core Education system is introduced, will see how Whitney survives the transaction from memorization to common sense approach used in Core education.

    When I mingle in OC/LA, heartland of american parents are talking and debating about the COMMOM CORE EDUCATION FOR 2014-2015 introduction. In the hoods of ABC, dont hear anything about the Common Core Education. What’s UP???? Education starts in the family home setting and is continued in the compounds of schools. So why is Core education kept as a ghost from our diversified community? Even parents at Disneyland and Knotts, TV-Radio Talk shows are talking about Core, and nothing in ABC!!

    Resident of Cerritos 40 Yrs.