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Cheesecake Factory’s Future in Cerritos Looks Peachy

Cerritos gets ready for Cheesecake Factory's arrival.  Internet Photo

Cerritos gets ready for Cheesecake Factory’s arrival. Internet Photo

By Brian Hews

It appears that Cerritos resident’s waistlines could be expanding in the near future as a new Cheesecake Factory is slated to open in Cerritos.

Hews Media Group-Community Newspapers has learned that the popular national upscale eatery has decided to build a new location in Cerritos, possible near the Los Cerritos Center.

“We don’t have an official announcement about Cheesecake Factory just yet, but something could be revealed very soon,” said city spokesperson Annie Hylton.

At a recent address to both business leaders and community residents, longtime Cerritos City Manager Art Gallucci also hinted that a “new restaurant will be moving into Cerritos.” Instead of verbally naming Cheesecake Factory, the top city administrator held up a plate of the tasty high-calorie dessert.

According to the company’s website, “The Cheesecake Factory created the upscale casual dining segment in 1978 with the opening of its first restaurant in Beverly Hills.”

“More than 35 years later, The Cheesecake Factory is known across the globe for its extensive and creative menu, generous portions, distinctive décor and legendary desserts. With more than 250 menu selections – all handmade, in-house with fresh ingredients – and more than 50 signature cheesecakes and desserts, there is truly “Something for everyone” at The Cheesecake Factory,” tout company officials.

The nearest Cheesecake Factory is located in both Anaheim and Brea.

HMG-CN also placed a call into the marketing and public relations firm that represents Cheesecake Factory, Murphy-O’Brien to inquire about specific details about a Cerritos location, but the call was not returned prior to this week’s newspaper print edition deadline.

  • M c M a h o n says:

    LCCN | Letter to Editor | Cheesecake.



    For many years, written past ‘n current CCC to attract the following, finally 3 of my suggestions are coming true. Residents please view the despicable shape of old Nordies Pad and the vacated Sears catalog stores, plus the 3 vacated garden centers: 2 Target Stores and former Tall Mouse Pad. None of these are chamber welcoming attractions for Heartland of American entrepreneurs.

    • Cheesecake Factory
    • Large Screen Theater.
    • Dollar Store.

    We lost my recommendation of 99Cent Store to Artesia.

    Per WSJ-LI, Cheesecake Factory won national award, for best dining business for cutlery staffers.

    Cerritos Still has room for following:
    1. Spaghetti factory;
    2. Fry’s Electronics;
    3. Bloomingdales;
    4. Home Depot Super Store, compared to Yorba Linda.
    5. Armstrong Nursery Garden center;
    6. Benjamin Moore Paint Center;
    7. Lawry, plus Red Lobster Restaurant
    8. Ikea
    9. Cadillac- BMW- Mercedes Dealerships
    10. RV sales and repair
    11. Bentley-RR- Aston Martin Dealership.
    12. Memorial Hospital Satellite Clinics.
    13. Burger King.
    14. Car Max used car center. (brings Diversity)
    15. Car wash Super Center
    16. RV Vacation Land Park.
    17. Red Onion.
    18. Goodwill Center.
    19. CCPA: Convention Center and Soft Gambling.

    City needs an aggressive EC- PC to bait businesses to come to Cerritos, like the state of Texas baited Toyota to relocate from Torrance; plus Nissan to relocate in the southern belt-farms. NY is advertising incentives to move to state of NY. Over half of the appointed commissioners on both commissions are silence to all dais dialogs, so we all loose. Hate to say this, PC is overloaded w/ left over RDA staff; existing Planning Depart. needs to be savvier in baiting Heartland of America Business in to Cerritos, so the city once again, has more diversified business landscape, to attract regional buyers and end users. SHAME SHAME AND MORE S H A M E; Cerrtos has only (1) orig store standing in my 40 yrs ………SEARS…………!

    Most FAC sculpture arts, placed in business landscapes are menopausal and more eye sore then eye-candy.


    Yes, recession has injured city and increased urban menopause, but lack of diversity, is not being worn well in 90703. Look at Rossmoor, no recession, business growth, military base conversion to office warehouse space; plus Rossmoor Estates, home to huge housing boom. Residential cost per SQF housing is substan. increased in Rossmoor; plus GPA is higher in LosAlamSD.

    40 Yrs Resident.

    • M c M a h o n says:

      My readers have wished to add few more places to Cerritos Wish List, stating money is trickling out of the city fast.

      1. Sprouts
      2. Home Goods.
      3. Whole Foods
      4. Neiman Marcus
      5. Yard House.
      6. Wolfgang Puck

      Big money is floating fast to surrounding Mercedes Benz Brokers and repair shops. Has staff valuated the (%)of residents which own MB? Even our 2 City Managers are driving Mercedes!!!

  • M c M a h o n says:

    My readers have wished to add few more places to Cerritos Wish List:

    1. Strouds
    2. Funeral Home.
    3. Soup Plantation.
    4. Marie Calendars.
    5. Beni Hannas
    6. Red Onion
    7. Claim Jumper.
    8. Stox

    Yesteryears: Arnolds Farm House and Buttery.