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VOTE: Primary Election Day Arrives In California

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By Brian Hews

Primary Election Day has arrived in California and the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk is encouraging nearly 5 million eligible voters to cast their ballot.

According to Registrar Recorder Dean Logan, more than 270,000 voters have already cast their ballot by mail in Los Angeles County as of Monday.

Hews Media Group-Community Newspapers will be having live election results beginning shortly after 8 p.m.

Contests to appear on the ballot in Los Angeles County includes about 40 statewide offices, 19 countywide offices, 18 congressional offices, 9 local offices, 6 local measures and 2 state measures. There are 310 candidates vying over 86 seats.

In Southeast Los Angeles County, five candidates will be running in the 32nd State Senate District including former Assembly Members Tony Mendoza and Sally Morales Havice, Downey City Councilman Mario Guerra, Whittier School Board Member Irella Perez and Businessman Carlos Arvizu.  The top two finishers will square off in the November General Election and the winner will replace indicted California State Senator Ronald Calderon.

There are also more than two dozen Los Angeles Superior Court Judgeships, and voters in Long Beach will be electing a new mayor.  City Councilman Robert Garcia and Businessman Damon Dunn are hoping to replace outgoing Mayor Bob Foster.

Voters in LA County will also be electing a new Sheriff, Assessor, and two new members of the Board of Supervisors.

Voters can visit www.lavote.net to look up their polling place and sample ballot, see what’s on the ballot or check their voter registration status.


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