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LA Sheriff Candidate Lou Vince Slams Todd Rogers over Threats Made Against HMG-CN Reporter


LA County Sheriff candidate Lou Vince lambasted Assistant Sheriff Todd Rogers over threats made against HMG-CN Investigative Reporter Randy Economy.

LA County Sheriff candidate Lou Vince lambasted Assistant Sheriff Todd Rogers over threats made against HMG-CN staff.

HMG-CN Staff Report

(Los Angeles) – Candidate for Los Angeles County Sheriff Lou Vince released the following statement following the news that Assistant Sheriff Todd Rogers and his staff had threatened Hews Media Group-Community Newspaper staff:

“Today I learned current Assistant Sheriff and Candidate for Sheriff Todd Rogers and his top campaign advisor Leo Briones both made threatening statements to Hews Media Group-Community Newspaper during a series of telephone conversations last Friday afternoon after the inquired about their relationship with Kristin Otto Herzog,” Vince said.

“I am shocked and disgusted by these revelations. Sadly, I am not surprised. As a candidate, I too have had to endure threats and innuendos coming from within the executive ranks of the LASD,” Vince continued.

“The disturbing irony here is that deputies are on trial this week for the very same sort of behavior- threatening an FBI agent. While Rogers has repeatedly denied any involvement in the Pandora’s Box scandal, these revelations remove all credibility from Roger’s denials that he has not been part of the organizational culture problem,” Vince continued.

“Moreover, I believe that these revelations strongly support my position that the new Sheriff must not be connected in any way to the current LASD administration. The Deputies of the LASD, and the community as a whole, need to be able to move forward- forward away from the taint of corruption, threats, scandal, brutality, and discrimination that pervades not only the organization itself, but also the present and past executive level command personnel. It is time for LA County to move forward with new and untarnished leadership,” Vince said.

“While I certainly understand the pressures of campaigning, this sort of poor judgment from someone seeking to reform and lead the LASD is simply unacceptable. That being said, I am not calling for Mr. Rogers to withdraw from the race. Instead, I am challenging Mr. Rogers to apologize to HMG-CN for the threats and blackmail style text message. The residents of Los Angeles County cannot expect their next Sheriff to be infallible. What they should however demand is a Sheriff who can recognize mistakes, take responsibility for them, and make sure they do not happen again. That sort of perspective is what has been sorely lacking from the Office of Sheriff,” Vince concluded.

HMG-CN Publisher Brian Hews said in a statement on Thursday afternoon that he would not be responding about the matter at this time, but did add: “We are weighing our legal options and are in contact with our attorneys and are seriously considering filing a Temporary Restraining Order against both Todd Rogers and his political advisor Leo Briones.”


  • Kels says:

    I’m not surprised about this one bit! Todd Rogers already has that “Untouchable” mentality, has ever since he was a Captain! When he was a Commander he had the audacity to tell a Deputy that came to his office asking him to “Do the right thing” in handling a Captain that was violating policy! Todd Rogers told that Deputy, “You don’t come here demanding a pound a flesh!” For only asking him, as a Commander, to do the right thing!! Did he subsequently “do the rght thing?” NO! He let the Captain investigate himself!! Think about that people!! Don’t let this man fool you, he is part of the cancer that plagues the Sheriff’s Department!

  • John Steeple says:

    As business advocates in the Lakewood area, we are asking the Lakewood City Council to urge Todd Rogers to step down. He has ruined the image and ethics he once preached.

    Step down Councilman Todd Rogers!

  • Sherlock says:

    Hellmold is no better, he held a meeting at the downtown jail asking a group of deputies (from the 2000 and 3000 floors) who the “snitch” was. He even told the deputies if one of them were the snitch, he should leave, while the “real crime fighters” and “best LASD jailers” had their meeting.