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May 23 Hews Media Group-Community News Digital Edition

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  • M c M a h o n says:



    Well well well, long awaited tree study session will be held on June 4th. Promised many times during the pre-election hoopla & campaigning from Pulido (D), George Ray (R). First Tree study session, city’s Rm. full of STAFF EMPTY CHAIRS. Audience was blasting off with questions after questions. No answers from the skeleton Supervisor n Director. City Code Enforcement was all revved up with Tree Violations, Prosecution and hot to run to DA for jail time and lien fines (Typical (R) mentality). Residents left more confused then ever.

    Now geared up for another Tree Sessions:
    1. No City Attorney present,
    2. No Director of Public Works present,
    3. No secretary to Public Works present.
    4. No Director of Planning Department present.
    5. Neither City Manager nor (2) Assist. CM Present.
    6. No Personnel from County Sewer present.
    7. No Personnel from city E/O Ins Carrier ( Carl Warren Agents).
    8. Non televised 2nd hearing.

    Now the city is hit with tree litigation and the horizon of city E/O Ins for poss. sunsetting of the payment of tree trespass destruction everywhere:
    • Sidewalks.
    • Curb /Gutters.
    • Fences.
    • Driveway.
    • Lawns and irrigation.
    • Slabs foundations.
    • Broken Windows and dented cars.
    • Cracked roofing tiles.
    • Cracked and leaking spas-swimming pools.
    • Garage Floor and stucco wall cracks and separations.
    • Floods, cracked potable water lines.
    • Doors out of alignment.
    • Sewers-toilets backing up.
    • Gas Line leaks.
    • Attics destroyed w/ Friable Tree Dandruff and pollen.
    • S/F accidents.
    • Roadway heaving of asphalt.
    • Hide-go- see to Street Light Poles.
    • Mold and fungus coating dwellings and compounds.
    • Damaging parked cars.
    • Manure Homes: Hawks, crows, n squirrels.
    • Falling tree resin acting as liquid (kill all) ground poison.
    • Blinding intersections.
    • Imposing of the egress/ingress of parking car doors.
    • Rotten Tree stench.
    • Dust bowls of blowing pollens.
    • Free Ladder for ants and freeway of dripping sap.
    • Debris plugging roof gutters/channels, plus fireplaces.
    • Rain stained sap fallout.
    • Nauseating for 911 ER vehicles.
    • Blocking trash haulers/street cleaning.
    • Breeding Mosquito.
    • Ins carriers using GPS are cancelling HO policies.
    • Tall road vehicles are being blocked out from hoods.

    Its no wonder these meetings are full of staff empty chairs, as the city is clueless to the devastation of Street Tree Trespassing, which may bankrupt the city general funds.


    Parkway tree-removal policy to be reviewed in study session. Property Preservation Commission (PPC) will hold a study session at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, June 4 to review the City’s parkway tree-removal policy. Meeting will be held at the Cerritos Sheriff’s Station/Community Safety Center and is open to the public. For more information, call the Code Enforcement Division at (562) 916-1203.

    Here are few photos from the destruction of Cerritos street tree trespassing.

    CERRITOS EMPTY CHAIRS will be plentiful at this meeting too, as city wants to put on dog/ phony show, so the residents can commingle public property in to personal property and allow the resident to pay:
    $1500 Street Tree Removal.
    $4500 Curb n Gutter Repairs.

    Pulido is interviewing (15) former Cerritos Mayors. All are saying, “Need street tree revolution and put the over night parking permit to residential citywide vote. Trees are one of the causes to stage one of urban ghettoizing!”

    40 Yr. Cerritos Resident.