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May 9 Hews Media Group-Community News Digital Edition

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  • M c M a h o n says:


    MEMO: Brian’s Note on Commissioners:

    Residents /Voters: Our commissions have become groups for sexism, menopausal mentality plus non-residents w/ no SS#. This must stop!!! 42,000 residents are promoting: Racism, non-diversity dialogs (Asian this/that) and dollop of (Bell Politics) Non-transparency


    1. Amendments to City Protocol Manual for Commissioners.
    2. Elected by resume qualifications and stop election by appointees. Resumes stops the favoritism.
    3. No: City, County, State, Federal employees or Retirees from said employments, stop conflict of interests.
    4. No ABC Staffers.
    5. No Realtor commissioners practicing in 90703.
    6. Must have California residency.
    7. No multiple commissioners from same HOA.
    8. Must have Social Security #.
    9. No family members serving on more than one Commission.
    10. Cerritos Commission cannot have more than 3 members of the same sex.
    11. Possibly addition of another commission, called the Cerritos Architectural Review Commission, to monitor all the city compounds, city owned and maintained property throughout the city. Need watchdog over our breached public works: http://cerritospublicworks.blogspot.com/
    12. No Perks, no Travel Expense, no Gratuities.
    13. CCPA, Freedom Committee and Safety Commissions need to be televised.
    14. Dias Commissioner ID names, for representation of councilperson.
    15. Accessible via: Email-Fax-Phone Number.
    16. Term limit: 4 Yrs.
    17. Poss. of combining: FAC (Fine Arts Commission) with the PC (Planning Commission).
    18. Mandatory attendance for all Commission and Committee Hearings: CM, ACM, City Attorney, Dir. PW and Dir. of Community Safety.
    19. Mandatory semi-annual televised Study Sessions.
    20. All commissions and committee Mandatory attendance at the annual June Budget Study Sessions.

  • Virginia Johnson says:

    I just don’t think same sex, same race or anything else that smacks of reverse racism should be allowed. This is America and if Caucasian’s, Asian’s, Blacks, Tagalog’s or Mexicans cannot get along and know what-is-right by now then they shouldn’t be on any Board or Council. Why do we always think in terms of skin color? Or Woman VS Man?

  • M c M a h o n says:



    Is this updated voting amendment to aid education CIVIL RITES & assure affirmative actions in the educational system?

    Not real happy with the new proposed boundaries; but improvement over the current outdated voting protocol. Still feel too much attention is being played out for city of Cerritos. Cerritos may have the most residents, but tally of students coming from other cities within district, may produce more students compared to the city of Cerritos. All cities should have one vote.

    This proposal does not help the outlying micro sections of ABC:
    1. Norwalk,
    2. Long Beach,
    3. Bellflower
    4. La Palma.

    Also, these new voting rights, does nothing to address migration of students from the ABC school district into using Los Alamitos and Cypress school districts. Number of students using ABC, still unknown, ABC school board and these new voting proposals will do nothing to eliminate egress to the other school districts. White flite, jewish students, Art students and gay and lesbian families are still fleeing ABC for other districts tolerance and support. Many families are tired of the lack of interaction with HEARTLAND OF AMERICA, practiced inside the closed doors of ABC.

    ABC is still about letter “C” ; Cerritos and Chinese!!!

    Biased opinions being played out by both the school board and School Board trustees. Feel sorry as bias in the school district, students are still learning there is a hierarchy between Whitney High School and the other schools. Public education should be universal for all students, and not the tier groupies being played out in front of us.


    Read the orig charter for Whitney, ( Online Video) as Whitney was conceived as aux. learning center for after school homework center, to aid the dairy farmer’s families inside Dairy Valley. Whitney was born to help families who were busy attending dairy chores and not the 4.0 GPA mentalities, which is being played out today.

    Point at hand, ABC school district needs to provide best universal education for everyone and all walks of life, not just 4.0 achievers and stop brandishing Whitney –Chinese this and that. Racial and educational diversity, is not going to be crown jewel for decades to come.

    Will Cerritos still be the only broadcaster of pre campaign debates, or will this be universally broadcasted in to all cities within district?