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Cerritos Resident Marisa Malin, 73, Mother-in-Law of Artesia Councilman, Identified As Victim in Farrell’s Accident

By Brian Hews

Marisa Malin, a 73-year old resident of Cerritos has been identified as the person who was killed when an SUV drove into a crowd standing outside a recently built Farrell’s Ice Parlor in Buena Park on Friday night that also left six others injured.

Malin is also the mother in-law to Artesia City Councilman Victor Manalo.

The crash happened just before 6 p.m. at Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour in Buena Park, Orange County Fire Capt. Gonzalez told NBC4.

Malin died in the hospital after the crash, according to an Orange County Coroners report that was released this on Saturday morning.

At least six others were hurt, including two adults and three children. One victim refused treatment at the scene.

Marisa was a very active member of the Holy Family Catholic Church in Artesia.  Her daughter is Monica Manalo who is married to veteran Artesia City Councilman Victor Manalo.

Hews Media Group-Community Newspaper has learned that both Monica and Victor Manalo were not at Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlor last night, and attending a conference in Washington DC.

HMG-CN was also told by three different sources that Victor and Monica’s two daughters and one son were with their grandmother when the incident took place.

HMG-CN is checking to get additional information on the situation and will have updates throughout the day.

Manolo’s oldest daughter sustained two broken ankles  and the youngest daughter is in critical condition.




  • McMahon says:

    My story, thru eyes of potential attorneys which will review this MVA claim. I see a few problems.

    Subj. car had no license plate, presume brand new car. Drivers are creature of habit, it’s very easy, the senior driver was confused with the new auto.

    Another concern, why are handicap parking stalls located near the front entranceway to buildings? Also why are handicap stalls, designed without steel-or concrete pilasters/ ballards in front of the stalls, when they are close to entranceways or located adj. to sitting –staging areas??

    Statewide, viewing handicap designated parking stalls, there is always a problem with the ingress/ egress, relationships to store fronts or the parking lot traffic flows. In this locale, the handicap parking was right in front of the door, just waiting for an accident to happen, plus Maj. Lane of the parking lot traffic flow.

    Remember people who a park in the handicap, are disabled-impaired, so the movement of the traffic plus the movement circulation of a storefront (Entrance), creates a lot of confusion for handicapped drivers parking in these designated areas.

    State Handicap DMV and all City planning Departments, need to evaluate and fix this broken handicap parking statewide. Handicap Parking Designations are 100% must have, but lets get real, handicap zoning needs to be in a protected areas and away from traffic flow and distant from entryways. Another issue, cars which park in these designated areas by storefronts, the cars become victims for run-a-way carts and wheel chairs, as parking next to fronts, cars act as bumper stops for run-a-ways anything!!!