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BREAKING: California State Senator Leland Yee Taken Into Custody By FBI Agents

Breaking News

By Brian Hews

It appears that agents with the FBI have detained California State Sen. Leland Yee early Wednesday morning as part of a wide ranging criminal probe into a massive corruption investigation that has already led to the arrest of two other Democratic State Senators.

This morning several Bay Area news stations reported that the popular San Francisco Democrat has been arrested on suspicion of corruption.

FBI spokeswoman Gina Swankie would not comment on the matter, but a press conference is forthcoming.

Swankie also told reporters this morning that “the FBI is executing multiple search warrants and conducting arrests in multiple locations today.”

“At this time we are not elaborating due to the need for agent safety,” Swankie said.



  • Time to pay piper says:

    Who is next? The Half China Man!!!!! So called T”HE BULLDOZER”.

  • David Lauderdale says:

    Remember back when I said the Calderon’s did not operate in a vacuum?
    I don’t know who will be next but Im sure to a reasonable certainty there will be a Next.
    I could certainly put in my wish list.. However they already got mine.(Calderon)
    I should like to ask exactly were is our AG ?? What the hell does she do all day.. Seems she refuses to represent the laws of the State of California.. Selectively.. Where the hell is the Senate “Ethics” Committee ? What exactly do they do all day?
    I am certainly beholding to, and appreciate the efforts of the FBI, but where the hell are we in cleaning our own house… But I digress.. We’re (present company excluded) the ones that keep re-electing these corrupt criminals…

  • David Lauderdale says:

    Obama !!!!

  • gilman says:

    What makes this story all the more amazing is the fact that Yee is considered to be the poster child of the Democratic party for honesty and ethics. If he is dirty, we all left to only imagine the depth of corruption that must be taking place in Sacramento.