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PHOTOS: Marcel Rodarte Takes Over Mayor’s Gavel In Norwalk

Note: If you would like to hear the audio please press the “Audio” Icon on the upper left hand corner of the slideshow. Song is “In the Still of the Night” by The Five Satins-1956 Original. The Barbershop Quartet Acapella performed this song during the Mayor Transitional.

Photos and Article by Pete Parker

During the City of Norwalk’s annual mayoral transition ceremony held Tuesday night before a standing room only crowd at city hall, Marcel Rodarte took over as Mayor and thanked his colleagues for the honor. There was a multitude of emotion that stirred throughout the ceremony. This will be Mayor Rodarte’s first time serving as Mayor on the Norwalk City Council. Ongoing Mayor Luigi Vernola thanked the community for his past year as mayor and he generous purchased flowers for all the women who attended the council and also presented gifts to all the standing members of the council. Rodarte went on to thank all the members for believing in him enough to represent his home town as Mayor. 

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Note: HMG-CN Reporter Kristin Grafft will have a complete report about the Norwalk City Council Meeting in this week’s home editions.

  • David Lauderdale says:

    Norwalk needs City Council Elections by district and bring actual representation and accountability to the City Council. The current make up is noting more than rotating musical chairs and good old boy cronyism. With our new Mayor that prefers to make the decisions for the residents, rather than actually represent the wishes and will of the people. Lest we not forget our newly anointed “Vice Mayor Mr. “We can’t let the residents vote vote foe this (New Sewer Tax) they’ll never pass it” Shryock. These two are the furthest from being accountable or representing anyone or anything other than their own agenda. If this is the kind or representation we want in Norwalk, tell them at the ballot box and re-elect them. AGAIN !!! If we actually want real representation and real accountability, tell them at the ballot box and VOTE THEM OUT !!!!

  • Cesar says:

    Get involved in current political decisions, vote, and hold politicians accountable. Donate to non-profits that fight dirty money in politics such as Represent.us, Common Cause, or the WolfPac. As Jefferson once said, we have only our own ignorance and lack of intellectual curiosity are usually to blame. Throughout history, those in power will prey on the weak and take advantage of special interests for their own selfish needs, if they are not met with scrupulous questioning by those of who they are serving in their community. It is our sole duty as citizens of this country to balance the power and eradicate corruption, cronyism, and holding the corrupted politicians accountable and electing officials which will represent our community. Councilman Luigi Vernola and Cheri Kelley have very suspicious ties to SUPERPACS, along with a towing company contracted with the Sheriff’s Department, related to a family member of Councilam Luigi Vernola.