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Loew Asks Election Officials to ‘Review’ Prang’s LA County Assessor Ballot Title

By Brian Hews
A candidate running for Los Angeles County Assessor has filed an official complaint with the Registrar of Voters Office in Norwalk claiming that one of his opponents has filed a misleading and inaccurate ballot designation for the upcoming June 3rd Primary election.
John “Lower Taxes”Loew, who is a Deputy County Assessor who has worked for the past 25 years as a real estate appraiser filed his objection regarding the ballot title that was submitted by Jeffrey Prang, who works inside the Assessor’s Executive office and who is also a longtime elected member of the West Hollywood City Council.
Prang is using the title “Los Angeles County Deputy Assessor” as his ballot designation according to officials at the Registrars office. Loew takes great exception to that title.
“It is misleading for Mr. Prang to designate himself as Los Angeles County Deputy Assessor. His correct designation should be either City of West Hollywood Councilman or Special Assistant to the Assessor, who is John Noguez,” Loew told Hews Media Group-Community Newspaper in an interview this week.
“To claim to be a Deputy Assessor, one must pass a civil service exam, attend a one year training program, and pass another appraisal exam to be qualified to obtain a state Assessor real estate appraisal certificate,” Loew said.
“One must be a journeyman appraiser to be a deputy Assessor. I believe Mr. Prang lacks all the aforementioned prerequisites, even though assessor management may be allowing him to use this title, and therefore intentionally misleading the voters about his lack of knowledge and judgment of real estate appraisal,” Loew said.
“This is just another indication of Prang’s lack of integrity,” Loew concluded. HMG-CN asks Prang to comment about the situation via email, and as of Friday morning, he did not respond.

  • Thoams Nast says:

    “just another indication of Prangs’ lack of integrity”
    Mr. Loew- show some guts- don’t mince words.
    The public needs to know the facts about Prangs past:
    The Portland groping incident- google “prang apologizes” about his drunken sexual non consensual groping of a subordinate WEHO city employee. How much was the settlement, Prang? Did you have the records sealed, Prang?

  • Richard Palmer says:

    Fool me once, shame on you-fool me twice, shame…..
    Nobody knew about Noguez- with the exception of Randy Economy (and Brian Hews) at LCCN breaking the stories and being labeled a hack.
    The record is rich on Prang- he has already been invetigated (not ENOUGH evidence) by the DA for misappropriation of public funds- google “Prang Pico Rivera”
    How did he get the City Manager Job in the first place?