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Central Basin Water Directors to Fire General Manager Tony Perez on Thursday

Wednesday, March 12, 2014, 2:30 p.m.


CB General Manager Tony Perez.

CB General Manager Tony Perez.


Firing comes two weeks after the biggest sale in CBMWD history, coordinated by Perez, netting the District over $4.5 million in profit.

By Brian Hews and Brian Hews

Directors Leticia Vasquez, James Roybal and Robert Apodaca of the Central Basin Municipal Water District are set to fire current General Manager Tony Perez during a special meeting that will take place on Thursday  morning at the Commerce based agency, Hews Media Group-Community Newspapers can confirm.

Perez was instrumental in pulling the agency out from near bankruptcy, recently completing the biggest sale in Central Basin Water District history that netted taxpayers and ratepayers more than $4.5 million in profits.

District Board President Phil Hawkins said, “the 60,000 acre foot sale of water for groundwater replenishment is a “historic” accomplishment and a testament to how much Tony Perez he is respected in the water community.”

The three Directors have also placed on the agenda a motion to officially censure Director Art Chacon after it was revealed that he was involved in a freeway car accident that injured two people and himself after he was returning from a site inspection at a project Central Basin was conducting in Montebello.

The case is currently in litigation between JPIA and Central Basin and is set to go to arbitration Aug. 11 of this year.

Many observers tell HMG-CN that the censure move is indeed suspect.

Apodaca has sexual harassment lawsuits in negotiations that could cost the district millions. Roybal was confirmed to be in LAUSD “Teacher Jail” and earning over $45,000, a violation of LAUSD policy and one that has the LAUSD Office of Inspector General investigating Roybal. The revelation by HMG-CN that Vasquez is a plaintiff in a whistleblower lawsuit against Central Basin that could net her millions.

HMG-CN was also told by sources that former State Assemblyman Rudy Bermudez was being considered to replace Perez.

When contacted by HMG-CN, Bermudez said he was “shocked” that Vasquez, Roybal, and Apodaca are voting to fire Perez and said, “no way, no way, no way am I being considered.”

Approximately eight weeks ago, HMG-CN was told of a meeting between Roybal and Bermudez at a restaurant and bar in Pico Rivera.

The meeting was confirmed by two sources that saw them at the restaurant and actually had a conversation with them.

In a phone interview with HMG-CN, an angry Chacon said, “what we are seeing reeks of desperation on the part of Apodaca, Vasquez and Roybal.  Again, Vasquez is suing vendors and shaking down others to line her greedy pockets and is now facing her second career recall. The District is looking at paying millions for Apodaca’s latest sexual harassment complaint and Roybal may have molested children to warrant landing himself in LAUSD’s Teacher’s Jail for over a year now, and is earning money, which is against LAUSD policy. These three are proven to be unfit to serve and will be exposing the District to millions in litigation if they fire Perez, not to mention making themselves the absolute laughing stock of the Southeast area.”

Chacon went on to say, “I guarantee you that the firing of Perez relates to achieving a settlement in favor of Pacifica, trust me.  An ethical GM cannot survive in this environment where Board Members are bought and sold like these three…over $40,000 Vasquez, Roybal and Vasquez have raked in from Pacifica, including $500.00 just three months ago accepted by Bob Apodaca.  Will somebody tell me how Apodaca accepting money from someone involved in litigation with the District passes the smell test?  It doesn’t and is an obvious conflict of interest.”

HMG-CN sent questions to Vasquez, Roybal, and Apodaca to CB’s PIO Joseph Legaspi, with no response as of the time of this article posting.




  • Friend of Rudy says:

    Rudy stay away from these evil people, don’t let them pull you down in the dirty gutter water with them.
    You have always been a good guy, please don’t fall into this devious trap. Beware, no amount of money or job is worth licking the boots of these filthy tramps.
    A Friend.

    • Real World says:

      A.Friend ,Why shouldn’t he get a job with over $250,000. Salary and benefits that requires no experience or qualifications ? Go get it Rudy B. and don’t forget the 3 letter roll.

  • Norwalk Resident says:

    This is true Rudy Bermudez style. When you’re a loser like Bermudez you always look for the golden safety net..called $$$$$.

    CENTRAL BASIN GM JOB POSTING: No Experience -Need to Say Yes To Anything Vasquez, Roybal and Apodaca Want. Must Report to Ernie Camacho When To Poop. Great Salary, Lot’s of Kick Back Opportunities. Room For Friends, Family and Cronies On The Payroll. Must Know How To Drink and Shower In Water. Ability To Mix Scotch and Water A Plus!

    Oh yeah, this job says Rudy Bermudez all over it!!!!

  • Lee Irvin says:

    When is the teacher err Principal gonna come in and settle this classroom down. I know the teacher is in jail so Roybal is no help. These fools need to all step down before the Feds shut it down. Rudy I hope your not as sleazy as these guys. I know you were and maybe still are a political climber so this just might fit your resume. But only if you put Scumbag on it. Cuz that’s the group your joining, Larry, Curly and Moe had more sense than these shameless three. We will see if your true to your words about joining the Water District Circus. Apparently you said no no no, but to us political savvy folks that’s means yes yes yes and how the hell did you find out. We will see Rudy. We will see what side of your mouth you are talking from.