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EXCLUSIVE: Pacifica Services, Central Basin Officials Exchanged Thousands of Offensive Emails Bashing Obama, Gays, Ethnic Groups

Vice President Mike Sisson of Pacifica Services was leader of the email group.

Mike Sisson, VP at Pacifica Services, sent out extremely offensive and sexually explicit emails while working as a consultant at Central Basin Municipal Water District. Sisson billed CB $160 per hour.

Mike Sisson, VP at Pacifica Services, sent out extremely offensive and sexually explicit emails while working as a consultant at Central Basin Municipal Water District. Sisson billed CB $160 per hour while sending the emails out.

By Brian Hews and Randy Economy

Top executives at Pacifica Services and officials within the Central Basin Municipal Water District (CB) exchanged thousands of  highly racist emails during a three-year period that disparaged Muslims, Palestinians, Hispanics, Blacks, Asians, Seniors, naked woman, obese people, liberals, immigrants, Wal-Mart shoppers, rednecks, gays and lesbians.

Hews Media Group-Community News obtained more than 2,500 emails from a public records request between Mike Sisson, a high-ranking Vice President at Pacifica Services, and several other people sent from his office computer system located at CB.  The emails were written and exchanged during regular business hours, and many were also generated by Pacifica Services executive Scott Hennessey.

Pasadena based Pacifica Services is owned and operated by Ernest Camacho, a very powerful and politically well-connected businessman in Los Angeles. Camacho donated large amounts of political cash to water district official’s campaigns all over Southern California including current CB Directors Leticia Vasquez and James Roybal.

In addition to Sisson and Hennessey, others who were involved in the emails included James Cathcart, who at that time worked for HDR Engineering as well as Robert Shaffer, an attorney at Sedgwick Law Firm LLP.  Both HDR and Sedgwick have secured hefty contracts granted in the past by CB officials.

Others participants in the emails included Steve Know who is an attorney at SK Law Group, Dave Hill, who at the time was a top executive at CB and who briefly served as Interim General Manager at the besieged agency, and another Pacifica official, Executive Vice President Steve Carpino.

Ironically, most of the parties involved in the “email exchange group” were also allegedly involved in the CB $2.75 Million “secret slush fund” that is now part of a massive criminal investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the US Attorney’s Office, the Internal Revenue Service and other federal agencies.

Over the length of the emails, which started in 2008, the 2,500 emails reviewed by HMG-CN showed a pattern of blatant disregard by Sisson toward his consulting job at CB.  In the emails, he continually makes disparaging remarks about current and past employees at the agency as well as current and former elected directors.

The emails are being sent in batches to HMG-CN; there is reportedly a staggering 16,000 emails that Sisson sent in his time at CB.  Sources tell HMG-CN that over 80% of the 16,000 emails are extremely offensive.

Shockingly, during the time the emails were being sent by Sisson, he was billing CB $160 per hour; Hennessey billed CB $136 per hour.

The emails graphically show that Sisson and his email group were homophobic racists who liked to pass around offensive pictures and descriptions of people including Muslims, Palestinians, Hispanics, Blacks, Asians, Seniors, naked woman, obese people, liberals,  immigrants, Wal-Mart shoppers and ” rednecks.”

Sisson, who touts himself as a Conservative Republican in his emails, also sent extremely offensive emails pertaining to President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, Rep.  Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and other well-known “liberal” U.S. politicians.

CB Board President Phil Hawkins told HMG-CN in an interview on Saturday, “when HMG-CN informed me of the content of these emails I was extremely shocked and offended. This is one of the reasons why we have had trouble with this particular organization and I will be looking into these emails and contacting our lawyers for possible legal action.

When called for comment, current General Manager Tony Perez said he “could not comment due to the ongoing litigation, but if what you describe is true, I personally find it highly offensive and an affront to the values of our organization.”

A sample of some of the emails are below.  WARNING, these emails contain highly graphic images and may not be age appropriate for minors under the age of 18.



A You Tube Video forwarded by Sisson below, warning very racially offensive:

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  • Lionel Cartwright says:

    This is disgusting, totally unacceptable. Who does this racist Sisson think he is? Isn’t Pacifica a minority owned company? How could Ernest Camacho hire someone who obviously thinks latino’s are a lesser class of people work for him? Perhaps Mr. Camacho is a racist himself and thinks of himself as a “white” Mexican?

    All governmental agencies that hire Pacifica need to see this story.

  • Luis Alvarado says:

    Pacifica Services needs to FIRE Mike Sisson immediately!! That man is a neo-Nazi fascist and undoubtedly a member of the KKK (and of course a staunch Republican). Absolutely NO public entity in Southern California that has a contract with Pacifica should allow them to remain working for them. This newspaper needs to contact every city, school district, and water agency in the state and request their contract for review and publication. I GUARANTEE you that a majority of EVER elected Board and/or Council has been greased by these guys!!!

    This newspaper has uncovered ridiculous information such as these emails and golf excursions as well as their buying of slimy politicians like Apodaca, Roybal and Leticia Vasquez. And let’s not forget about Pacifica’s gross over billing practices. Also keep in mind that it was Tom Calderon who introduced Pacifica to Central Basin in 2007. Calderon did a presentation on the qualities of Pacifica and that’s how they got in the door and made in excess of $5 million with only ONE competitive bid. Is anyone REALLY surprised that Central Basin is now SUING Pacifica??

    LCCN needs to trace the roots of how Tom Calderon (as well as Chuck & Ron), Ernie Camacho, Art Aguilar, Dave Hill, Doug Wance, Bob Garcia, Leon Garcia, Raul Tapia, Valerie Howard, Joey Legaspi, Gil Cedillo Jr., Bob Apodaca, Caroline Medrano, James Roybal and Leticia Vasquez all found their way into the cesspool that became the embarrassment we know now as Central Basin. What’s really funny is that these clowns all came in AFTER Big Al Robles, George Cole and Rick Mayer LEFT Central Basin (all felons now of course)! What an amazing story people.

    I would estimate that between $10-15 million was looted by these guys over the past decade. Let’s see LCCN write this story. I think it would be a subject that every college political science professor across the country needs to be teaching!

    Think about all the money paid to AA & E, Ed Coughlin (who wrote those fictitious pro-CBWMD stories), C2Group (Raul Tapia) , Digital Synergy, Oldtimer’s Foundation (George Cole), Willdan Financial, New World Solutions, Southwest Management Consultants (Leon Garcia), Water2Save (Tom’s company), Golden State Advocacy (Bob Garcia), Pacifica (Ernie Camacho), HDR Engineering (David Cobb -Doug Wance’s husband), attorney’s Sedgwick LLP & Buchalter Nemer….and the list goes on.

    We should all be grateful to LCCN for exposing Central Basin and it’s cast of crooks, but could they PLEASE light a fire up District Attorney Jackie Lacey’s lazy fat ASS!!!!

  • Teri Thomas says:

    Ernie Camacho and the Pacifica “PIGS” have got to go now! These sicko emails are way over the line, (even for you, Leticia).
    It’s time to fire Camacho and his insane Pacifica thug employees and it’s also time for the U.S. Congress to open up an investigation.
    Wake up CBWD and take a lesson from Nancy Reagan, “JUST SAY NO”.
    Enough is enough.

  • Belinda Carmichael says:

    What a pig! This guy cannot be for real. How can he even claim to be a professional? Isn’t it interesting that this would be someone who would be hired at Central Basin? Nothing in that place obviously was any good. I really wonder what his boss Ernie Camacho will do now? He must be embarrassed being a Mexican himself.

  • Who's distract is it anyway ? says:

    All these happening in one congressional district !!! Go to the next so called “Day At The Races” at Santa Anita Park and you see all these bussiness leaders like Pacifica waiting to pay there respect with big checks.