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CALDERON INDICTMENTS: Havice Calls For Senator Ron Calderon to Resign


Sally Havice calls on Senator Ronald Calderon to resign.

Sally Havice calls on Senator Ronald Calderon to resign.

 By Brian Hews

Former California State Assemblywoman Sally Havice has called on indicted State Senator Ronald Calderon to resign from office in a statement to Hews Media Group-Community Newspaper late Friday night.

“While others were quick to voice their opinion about Senator Ron Calderon, I thought it was best to see the outcome of the investigation.  Now with the federal indictment of Senator Calderon, I am asking for Senator Calderon to do the right thing and resign,” Havice said.

Havice is currently running as a candidate in the California State Senate to replace the termed out Calderon.

“In the wake of this scandal I not only see the constituents of the 32nd district as victims of the corrupt acts but the hard working union members as well.  I am perplexed as to why the union leadership does not ask for their member’s contributions back from Senator Calderon and the other Legislators who have misused their campaign accounts for wine, cigars and trips to Las Vegas,” Havice said.

“There are some union members that are barely keeping their heads above water and yet union dues keep flowing to Legislators who are not spending the campaign funds on directly related campaign activities but rather keeping up a life style befitting a high flying gambler,” she continued.

“When the voters decide to send me back to Sacramento, one of my first legislative proposals will be campaign finance reform, transparency in legislating and prohibitions on fundraising,” Havice concluded.

  • David Lauderdale says:

    The Calderon Clan did not operate in a vacuum.. And they learned it somewhere.. None of them are smart enough to do it alone..Tip Of The Iceberg Here.. Keep Chipping..