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Weekly Crime Reports For Cerritos, La Mirada Includes Robberies, Assault

This is the weekly crime report for the cities of Cerritos and La Mirada for this past week. This information is published by Hews Media Group as a community service.


There were 13 Part I felonies investigated during this week’s reporting period, which is a significant decrease from the 23 reported the previous week.
One street robbery was committed by two male suspects who used bodily force in the commission of the crime.
There were also four residential burglaries and one commercial burglary, three vehicle burglaries, a single grand theft, and three cars reported stolen.
Deputies made 24 arrests this past week and issued 125 traffic citations. Finally, the dispatch center received 268 calls for service, which is a slight increase from this year’s weekly average of 257 calls.
On February 4 at about 7:20 p.m., Sheriff’s deputies responded to a robbery call at 166th Street and Shenandoah Avenue.
A 17-year-old woman was walking home after shopping at Kohl’s when two males approached her from behind.
One suspect grabbed her in a “head lock” and the other grabbed her shopping bag, which contained her iPod and a new coffee maker. Both suspects ran west on 166th Street. Fortunately, the victim was unhurt, but the suspects are still at large at this time.
There were four residential burglaries reported, three of which occurred during daytime hours and one between 7:10 and 7:20 p.m.
The first burglary was reported on Windward Avenue and involved the suspect entering a rear window after removing the screen.
Jewelry was stolen from this residence. The second burglary occurred on Vickie Avenue where the suspect shattered a rear window. The loss is unknown at this time.
The third burglary was reported on Cantrece Lane and involved a suspect entering an unlocked rear laundry room door. This case resulted in the loss of an iPad, a laptop computer, a computer game console, and two bicycles.
The final burglary occurred between 7:10 and 7:20 p.m. The suspect in this case stole a laptop computer from a garage that had the door left open, which is strongly discouraged, especially if there is any valuable property in the garage. Such thefts can occur in a matter of seconds.
The commercial burglary reported this past week occurred at a church on Pioneer Boulevard. Sometime during the overnight hours of February 5 and 6, a suspect forced open a window on a trailer on the property and stole a laptop computer. No suspects have been arrested in any of the residential or commercial burglaries investigated this week.
Vehicle burglaries also experienced a decline from the six reported the previous period down to three this past week. All three occurred in commercial parking lots, although none at fitness centers. (Hopefully, residents and visitors are taking heed of the repeated warnings to leave valuables at home when exercising at fitness centers and parks.)
On February 3 between 3:30 p.m. and about 8 p.m. a suspect shattered the window on a Honda Fit at the shopping center on Norwalk Boulevard and Artesia Boulevard. Nothing was apparently taken from the vehicle. Also on February 3, a suspect broke into a delivery truck at the Los Cerritos Center.
The reported loss was over 30 boxes of miscellaneous items, including clothing and perfume. Detectives checked surveillance cameras but at this time have not been able to identify any suspects. The final vehicle burglary occurred on February 4, between 1:30 and 4 p.m. and involved a suspect who broke into a Nissan van in the office parking lot on Artesia Boulevard and Clarkdale Avenue.
A purse containing a wallet, driver’s license, credit cards, and $100 in cash was stolen from the vehicle.
The lone grand theft occurred at the Jersey Gold Car Wash on Pioneer Boulevard. An employee at the location reported that on February 3 and 4, between the hours of 9 p.m. and 7 a.m., a suspect stole $1,000 from a change machine. There are no surveillance cameras and little for detectives to work with on this case.
In the final category of grand theft auto, there were three thefts reported this past week. Two cars were stolen at the Cerritos Towne Center. Interestingly, both were four-door Saturns from the 1990s. The first Saturn was taken on February 3 between 8 and 8:30 p.m. The second occurred on February 5 between 7 a.m. and about 3 p.m. The third stolen vehicle was actually a Yamaha motorcycle stolen from the apartment complex on Vickie Avenue and South Street. This theft occurred on February 7 between 6:30 a.m. and noon.
La Mirada

La Mirada Deputy Honored for DUI Enforcement Efforts
The La Mirada City Council recognized Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Blanca Creta at the City Council Meeting on Jan. 28 for her efforts to keep La Mirada roads safe through enforcement of DUI laws. Deputy Creta made 72 DUI related arrests in 2013.
“Deputy Creta’s feat is a remarkable achievement and great for the City,” explains Captain Curtis Jensen of Norwalk Sheriff’s Station. “She has more DUI arrests than other Sheriff’s Stations in the area alone.”
Deputy Creta was also recognized by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), who annually honors law enforcement officers who make 50 or more DUI arrests in a calendar year.
A robbery was reported on the 15700 block of Imperial Hwy. The incident remains under investigation.
Aggravated Assault
An assault was reported on the 14900 block of Leffingwell Rd. A male adult was shot in the leg but survived. The incident remains under investigation.
Residential Burglary
Seven residential burglaries were reported last week.
• A burglary was reported on the 14500 block of San Esteban Dr. No loss was reported.
• An incident occurred on the 14600 block of San Esteban Dr. A previously unreported burglary to a residential garage was reported on the 14700 block of San Esteban Dr.
• Firearms and other items were reported stolen from a residence on the 15200 block of Crosswood Rd.
• A burglary was reported on the 14300 block of Rosecrans Ave. It is unknown if any items were taken.
• A television and jewelry box was reported stolen from a residence on the 15200 block of Greenworth Dr.
• An incident was also reported on the 13800 block of Muroc St. It is unknown if any items were taken.
Vehicle Burglary
• A window smash burglary was reported on the 14700 block of Borego Dr. A purse was stolen from the vehicle.
• Tools were stolen from a vehicle’s storage compartment in a burglary on the 13000 block of Meadow Green Rd.
• A third row seat was reported stolen from a vehicle on the 15700 block of Elmbrook Dr.
Grand Theft Vehicle
• A truck was reported stolen from the 14700 block of Firestone Blvd. The vehicle was recovered the same day by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).
• A vehicle was reported stolen from La Mirada Blvd. and Rosecrans Ave. It was recovered two days later by La Mirada Deputies.
• An attempted vehicle theft was reported on the 14600 block of Rosecrans Ave. A suspect was taken into custody in connection with the incident.
• An attempted vehicle theft occurred on the 14400 block of Artesia Blvd. The incident is under investigation.
• A vehicle reported stolen from LAPD jurisdiction was recovered on the 12900 block of Woodridge Ave.
Neighborhood Watch Meeting – Feb. 26, 2014
A Neighborhood Watch meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 2 at 6 p.m. The meeting is for Reporting District No. 0469. The meeting will be held at Foster Road Elementary School for residents who reside east of Marquardt Ave., south of Imperial Hwy., west of Valley View Ave., and north of Rosecrans Ave. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Captain Curtis Jensen and the La Mirada Public Safety Team will address local crime issues and prevention tips.

  • erlin alvizo says:

    We also had a burglary on 1/25/15 @ 3am. Off Aranza Dr & Alicante in La Mirada.Our two cars were broken into purse was stolen and one car a black Ford Explorer SUV was stolen then later recovered around 11 a.m. Dodds & Stage Rd.