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EXCLUSIVE: Cerritos College Administrator Engaged in Sexually Explicit, Threatening Text Messages Student/Employee Claims

Wednesday January 22, 2014, 6:28 p.m.

By Randy Economy and Brian Hews

Hews Media Group-Community News has exclusively obtained sexually explicit text messages sent to a female student who is also a part time employee at Cerritos College by a high ranking Cerritos College administrator.

The administrator allegedly used his personal cell phone to send sexually charged and profanity laced text messages to a female student/employee of the college on several occasions during 2013, including some after 2 a.m.

HMG-CN was sent several emails and copies of the sexually graphic text messages from the student/college employee who said they were generated from the administrator’s previously owned cell phone. HMG-CN gave the phone number provided by the student to Cerritos College administrators for further investigation.

The newspaper exchanged several emails with the student/employee about her involvement with the administrator for a six day period.  She said that she did not want her identity made public at this time. For this reason HMG-CN will withhold the name of the administrator until a later time.

HMG-CN has learned that the Cerritos College Board of Trustees will recess into a closed meeting tonight after their regular meeting to discuss the investigation.

The phone in which the text messages originated came from a number that has been disconnected. In one series of text messages that start at 2:18 a.m., the administrator from a cell phone with the number “+1 (951) 559-6…” appearing as the identifying contact writes to the female student/employee: “Is this _____ (name of victim withheld)?”

Student/Employee writes back: “Um, yeah, who is this?”

Administrator: “Guess”

Student/Employee: “Idk (I don’t know), Ryan?”

Administrator: “I’m disappointed in you _______ (name of victim withheld). We had a little session in my office, today. Remember?”

Student/Employee: “Oh, Mr. ______(name of administrator withheld)…what and how did you get my number?

Student/Employee: “Can you please just leave me alone? : /

Administrator: “No. You better not tell anyone about that.  I’ll make sure your records at the college cease to exist.  I have THAT kind of power.”

Student/Employee: “Please, just stop!  Leave me alone!”

The text messaging between the two stop for a period of ten hours when the administrator then writes the victim again beginning at 12:14 p.m. in the afternoon.

Administrator: “Hi.”

Student/Employee: “I told you to top texting me.”

Administrator: “I was just thinking of how wet you were when you were on top of me. It gives me a ____ . (Explicit deleted).”

Administrator:  “Hello.”

Administrator: “Why aren’t you responding”

Administrator: “We need to talk.”

Administrator: “Your starting to p*** (Expletive deleted) me off.”

Student/Employee: “Please…stop.”

Student/Employee: “I can’t take this anymore. I feel degraded with what we did. Stop it or I will kill myself.  You did this to me.”

The text messages between the administrator and the student/employee stop at this point, but the conversation continues on another day with a 7:05 a.m. time stamped on them. The student/victim then writes the name of the administrator on her phone as the contact person for the number where the text messages originate.

Administrator: “Hello.”

Administrator: “You going to rat me out?”

Administrator: “Where do you live again?

Administrator:   “I can play this game too ______ (name of student/employee redacted).”

Administrator: “I’m going to keep texting and calling you until you answer me.”

Student/Employee: “STOP! I’m changing my number…”

Student/Employee: “You’re a pig. I hope you rot.”

Administrator: (Redacted)

Administrator: (Redacted)

Administrator: (Redacted)

Administrator: (Redacted)

Administrator: (Redacted)

The student/employee tells HMG-CN in an email that she had been “a target” of the administrator’s attention in the past, prior to the time in which the above text messages were sent between the two.

“The administrator would swing by my (work location at Cerritos College) in order to flirt with me,” the student/employee told HMG-CN.

“Although he is a married man he would insist that me and him go to the (Cerritos) College Stadium so we could _____ (Expletive deleted).”  She goes on to tell the newspaper,  “the administrator has walked around campus and caught sight of me and then cornered me in secluded areas. He forced himself on me a couple of times and told me, ‘Scream, and you’ll never scream again.”

The student/employee writes that she is now “living in fear.”

A number of students and former students have contacted HMG-CN complaining about administrators and the Cerritos College Police Department during the past week since publishing an expose on the plight of a former student and retired decorated US Marine Daniel Beckham who is targeted by both college officials and the Los Angeles County District Attorney in an alleged grade tampering scheme.  Beckham is due back in Norwalk Superior Court on January 31.


Reaction about the incident allegedly involving the administrator was met swiftly by Dr. Linda Lacy, Superintendent/President of Cerritos College and Stephen Johnson, who is the Vice President of Student Affairs.

“This is the first time we have heard anything about this,” Lacy said.

“We can’t comment on something we are just learning about for the first time,” she insisted.

Johnson also said that he had “never heard of this before today.”

Both Lacy and Johnson said that they plan to have the matter reviewed by the college’s attorneys.

Early Wednesday evening, HMG-CN was provided a written statement from Attorney Jon M. Setoguchi, Senior Counsel with the Cerritos based lawfirm Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud & Romo who represent Cerritos College.

The statement read: “The College takes these matters very seriously.  The College is unaware of any complaints filed by a student employee alleging an inappropriate sexual relationship with the administrator.”

Setoguchi then stated to the newspaper that “the College has spoken with the administrator and he categorically denies the allegations.”

“The College has not been provided with any evidence supporting the allegations against the administrator.  The College is committed to ensuring its students are provided the opportunity to learn in a safe educational environment and will continue to investigate this matter further,” Setoguchi concluded.

See texts click here, WARNING VERY EXPLICIT.

NOTE: If any of our readers would like to submit additional factual information or tips regarding this situation, you can write to [email protected].  All tips will be investigated.  Thanks!




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