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Terrorists Threats Lead to Cancellation of Bell Gardens City Council Meeting, One Held in Custody

By Brian Hews and Randy Economy



A man calling himself Ness G Antrax made several threats on his Facebook page against Bell Gardens city officials.

Hews Media Group-Community Newspaper has learned exclusively that tonight’s scheduled meeting of the Bell Gardens City Council has been cancelled after a man posted violent and threatening comments aimed toward Bell Gardens officials on his Facebook page.

A man who used a Facebook profile with the name Ness G Antrax, had posted direct threats against the current members of the Bell Gardens City Council including Mayor Daniel Crespo, who works as a probation officer for the county of Los Angeles.

All council members and the Mayor became aware of the threats and informed the Bell Gardens Police Department. The Bell Gardens PD arrested the man late last week and he is being held on past warrant violations.

Bell Gardens officials have not released the name of the suspect.

HMG-CN was sent a copy of the cancellation notice for Monday’s city council meeting that was slated to begin at 6:30 p.m.

The notification makes specific mention of the threats, but did not elaborate on the details.

“The regular City Council meeting of Monday, November 11, 2013 is cancelled due to the threat of essential public services and the threat to the public right of access to public facilities,” the notice states. “The precise activity that poses activity that imposes such threat is part of an ongoing investigation and cannot be disclosed at this time,” the statement continued.

HMG-CN has obtained screenshots of Antrax’s Facebook page posted during the past several weeks.  In the posts, the Latino male is seen holding several semi-automatic weapons, including an AK-47, while posing in hooded and masked outfits.

Another shot shows a white powder substance in a clear bags placed on digital scales.


Picture on his Facebook page showing white powder in clear bags on digital scales.

Picture on Antrax’s Facebook page showing white powder in clear bags on digital scales.

Another screenshot clearly shows that Antrax supported Sergio Infanzon, who lost his Bell Gardens City Council seat in last week’s elections, and could have been the trigger to cause the threats to the City Council and the Mayor.

Picture of Sergio Infansone who Antrax supported. Infansone lost his bid for a Bell Gardens CIty Council seat.

Picture of Sergio Infanzon who Antrax supported. Infansone lost his bid for a Bell Gardens CIty Council seat.

HMG-CN will have additional updates throughout the night on this situation.

  • S. Franco says:

    Serfio Infanzon is a nut. He will not take losing well and all members of the Council should be concerned. He acts like Bell Garden’s in a part of Mexico and ruled in such a manner. I’m sure he’ll return as a member of Ron or Ian Calderon’s legislative staff or even Cristina Garcia’s. Theses kind of guys don’t go away, sort of like his good buddy Mario Beltran.