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Senator Ron Calderon Slams Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia Over Resignation Demands


Embattled State Senator Ronald Calderon.


By Brian Hews

Embattled California State Senator Ronald Calderon issued a blistering email on Friday denouncing Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia after she demanded his resignation one week ago.

Calderon is the center of a massive political corruption probe by members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation as well as other law enforcement agencis on allegations of accepting bribes, money laundering as well as influence peddling.

The story about Calderon and the FBI probe has attracted media attention from around the world, and was first reported by Hews Media Group several months ago.

Calderon through his spokesperson Mario Beltran told members of the media that “It is outrageous in a democratic society for (Assemblywoman) Cristina Garcia, an elected official, to trample on the Constitution by making a mockery of the presumption of innocence, a fundamental right, and seek political gain by embracing the criminal acts of media outlets that violate federal law by revealing the contents of sealed federal documents. I would suggest that Assemblywoman Garcia would best serve her constituents by reviewing her notes from her 8th grade civics class.”

Garcia was the first lawmaker in California to ask for Calderon’s resignation.

“It is with mixed feelings, but with strong conviction that today I ask Senator Calderon to step down from his office to allow this black cloud to be removed from over the Capitol and over the State of California,” Garcia said late last week.

“I fully realize that we must respect the presumed innocence of Senator Calderon, but the distraction caused by this case, in my own backyard and its long term implications are detrimental to the fabric of government and to the citizens that the Senator represents,” said Garcia who is in the middle of her first two-year term in office.

“Every Legislator takes an oath to faithfully discharge their duties as an elected official. When this pledge is for any reason jeopardized, an officeholder has the duty to step away. I hope Senator Calderon will look in to himself and make the proper decision,” Garcia said.

Tim Reardon, Chief of Staff to Garcia told Hews Media Group-CN that he had “no official comment” on the matter.



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  • Victor says:

    Is Ron Calderon a Racist? why is he hiding behind convected criminal and racist Mario Mario Beltran that called an African Amrican woman a “Black Dog”.
    Quit before you bring more shame and aggravation to your children haven’t you done enough ?
    Learn from your BFF and mentor Robert Rizo and point your fat finger at let’s say your brother Tom.