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Steinberg Calls for Senator Ron Calderon to be Stripped of Committee Assignments


By Brian Hews

California State Senate President pro-Tem Daryl Steinberg on Wednesday demanded that controversial State Senator Ronald Calderon be stripped of all of his committee assignments as well as be removed as Chairman of the Senate Insurance Committee.

Hews Media Group was has been told that Steinberg is calling for the Senate Rules Committee to remove Calderon from “all committee assignments, including the chairmanship of the Senate Insurance Committee, until the sting investigations is resolved.”

“Senator Ronald Calderon currently Chairs the Senate Insurance Committee and sits on the Senate Banking Committee and Financial Institutions Committee, the Senate Environmental Quality Committee, the Senate Governmental Organization Committee and the Senate Select Committee on Procurement.  Senator Steinberg also asks the Senate Rules Committee to eliminate the Senate Committee on California’s Film and Television Industry, chaired by Senator Calderon, which has not convened since its inception earlier this year,” the statement read.


Artesia area Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia, who demanded that Calderon step down earlier this week, told HMG-CN on Wednesday: “I applaud Senator President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg for taking action to remove Senator Calderon from his chairmanship and other committee assignments. I hope he finds the will to join me in requesting for Senator Calderon’s resignation as over the last week his constituents, activists and colleagues have shared that they have lost faith in his ability to govern with integrity,”

“I fully realize that we must respect the presumed innocence of Senator Calderon, but the distraction caused by this case, in my own backyard and its long term implications are detrimental to the fabric of government and to the citizens that the Senator represents,” Garcia continued.

“Last week I requested the Senator’s resignation. Serving the public is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. It is my hope, that with the Senator stepping away, we can begin to restore faith in government and faith in our elected leaders and remove the black cloud over our backyard, the Capitol, and the State of California,” she concluded.

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  • Smitty says:

    uh oh, indictments must be coming soon, liberals never attack their own, not even crackheads.