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Editorial: La Palma Resident/Democratic Activist Larry Caballero Helps Craft Phil An Campaign Lie

La Palma resident Larry Caballero.

La Palma resident Larry Caballero.

By Brian Hews

Nothing gets past us here when it comes to outing misdeeds of shady politicians. Just ask folks like Wendy Greuel, John Noguez, the Central Basin Water District, and countless others how “we roll” when it comes to dealing with political scum.

There is a city council candidate running in next Tuesday’s Hawaiian Gardens City Council election that smells so bad, that we decided to dive into the stench head on.

This week, we “revealed” in our online edition (www.hewsmediagroup.com) that Hawaiian Gardens council candidate Phil An has pulled what we call here in our news room “A Kathy Trimble.” (On page 1 today.)

Mr. An, as in AWE(N) Shucks I Got Caught, “moved” into Hawaiian Gardens and re-registered this past August, just days before the deadline, so he could run for city council.

Mr. An was hoping that no one would have paid attention to his plan, except for the fact that his campaign advisor, Larry Caballero, was running around the area bragging about his “candidates” slick move.

Kathy Trimble tried to pull the same stunt two years ago but, like Mr. An, we caught her. You would have thought Caballero was advising Trimble (actually HG Councilman Barry Bruce was advising), she tried sneaking into HG in the middle of the night and set up camp there to become a “legal resident” and “legal voter” “living” in HG.  The voters saw through her plan and well, she lost badly at the polls.

Phil An

Phil An

Back to An.

This week we learned that Mr. An’s does not consider civic duty as a responsibility.  He has only voted twice in his lifetime, as shown on documents we obtained from Dean Logan and the Registrar Recorder for the County of Los Angeles (see page 7).  We like Dean Logan.  We call him “The Dean of Democracy” ‘round here, for good reason, nothing gets by Mr. Logan, or Mr. Brian Hews and Mr. Randy Economy for that matter.

Caballero is a longtime Democratic Party activist, preying on naïve would-be elected officials by touting his “vast experience” and deep personal ties to a local Congresswoman.  Larry loves pitting friends against friends, which does not bode well for the dysfunctional Artesia Chamber of Commerce, where he is Secretary of the Board of Directors.

An and Caballero make a great team though.

The problem is, this team doesn’t have a clue on how to be truthful, let alone have integrity or ethics.

Take solace Mr. An and Mr. Caballero, you will be posted on our “Wall of Shame” here at Los Cerritos Community News offices, right next to  “Fruitcake’s” old desk area, along with John Noguez, Wendy Greuel, Central Basin, and of course, Kathy Trimble.

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  • gilman says:

    Is this the same guy that ran for the State Senate a few years back? Who is the Congresswoman he claims to be close with….Sanchez?

  • OMG says:

    So the famous (infamous) La Palma democratic “guru” Larry Caballero is managing a corrupt campaign, oh Larry what are the OC/LA Dems going to say. Bauman will not be happy Larry! What a lie you are Caballero, do everyone a favor and move out of the area.

  • Extra Extra Read All About It! says:

    Great job at good ‘ol investigative reporting! Suggest you hire a few local high school kids to hand out your paper at the local at council meetings, shopping centers, parks and youth sports each week. Seems a few area politicians count on residents missing the ‘goods’ in your paper because they are too busy to pick it up off their driveway and read it. As your people are handing out the paper they can also point out the other sections of interest in your paper.