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Endorsement: Reelect Hengler, Rios, Valencia, and Adams to the Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School Board

English: Silhouette of a ballot box with a ballot

English: Silhouette of a ballot box with a ballot (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hews Media Group-Community Newspaper is endorsing the four incumbents in next Tuesday’s election for the Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District Board of Education.

While we appreciate the spirited and even hard fought campaign that has been waged by the challengers in this campaign, we don’t think voters should “throw the baby out with the bath water” in this particular campaign.

The four incumbents are not guaranteed an easy time at the ballot box next week. Far from it.  This campaign is going to be close in our opinion, thanks to passionate campaigns being waged by challengers Simon Limon, Sean Regan, and Mark Owen White.

Limon, Regan and White make some valid points in their campaigns, but overall Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District is on the rise, and moving forward in many positive areas.

Board members Ed Hengler, Margarita Rios, Ana Valencia, and Darryl Adams have been strong board members who do not all walk “lock step” together all of the time.

We like openness and transparency in our schools and at city halls.

We hope that WHOEVER gets elected, that the new school board can FINALLY get these meetings broadcasted LIVE to the community via cable television, the internet, and by other advanced modern platforms.

Campaigns are hard.  They take a huge effort and commitment from anyone who decides to enter the “fray,” and this campaign has been a tough battle.

In the end, we are sticking with the Hengler, Rios, Valencia and Adams, and so should the voters.

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  • Justin Albright says:

    Yes. Lets celebrate a school district where most children can’t go to college because they are not prepared.

    Lets re-elect the people that are proud of a district that has less than average student performance.

    Lets re-elect people that do not stand up for the children when the district does not listen.

    Lets re-elect people that use the media to further some agenda that does not help our children. They say things that have been proven to be untrue, yet stick to their story.

    You say transparency. There is no transparency in our district. They try to keep the Teachers down, the parents down and their staff down.

    Lets re-elect those that have forgotten that it is about the children.

  • Patty Stierle says:

    Shame on anyone who does not do their homework. The district has changed the requirements for graduation (lowering them) and push kids to trade schools not college. Not to mention that 2 board members sit on that schools board of directors. Another board member tried unsuccessfully to be elected to City of Norwalk. The superintendent and board should be replaced. What truely is their agenda? They hired a PR firm for almost $100,000, but they state they are broke to keep teachers. They celebrate higher API scores but still have schools in Program improvement per federal guideline. When parents ask to move away from those schools they are denied. If principals, staff at all levels question things they are replaced. Have to wonder why 5 new principals? It’s shameful that any news media does look closer at the detail…..