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Long Beach Mayor candidates to square off on environmental issues

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By Brian Hews

Candidates running for Mayor of Long Beach in the upcoming 2014 election will be attending a candidate forum focused on environmental issues on Thursday November 21st at the Aquarium of the Pacific.

According to organizer Gabrielle Weeks, all of the hopefuls who will be running for Mayor will be invited to participate.

The Long Beach Municipal Primary Election will be held on Tuesday, April 8, 2014.

The candidates who have filed documents with the Long Beach City Clerk expressing their intentions to run are Damon Dunn, Jana K. Shields, Gerrie Shipske, Doug Otto, Robert Garcia, Kareem Muhammad, Richard Camp, Bonnie Lowenthal and Steve Mozena.  Candidate Suja Lowenthal announced recently that she will not be a candidate for Mayor, opting to run for a seat in the State Assembly instead.

The doors open to public at 6:15 p.m. on the night of the event, so they can mingle in the Aquarium with the candidates and discuss issues. The forum will begin at 6:30.

“The Sierra Club advocates air and water that is safe for us, better public transportation, renewable energy, water and energy conservation,” Weeks told Hews Media Group-Community Newspaper.

“We all know that Green Collar Jobs are growing, also a clean community influences a corporation’s choice to site an office in Long Beach or to go someplace where their employees will have better health,” Week said,

The Sierra Club has partnered with several other environmental groups including Surfriders, The Long Beach Greens, Green Long Beach, Long Beach Grows, Shift Long Beach and Coalition for a Safe Environment.

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  • Smitty says:

    Looks like Gabrielle Weeks is the John Perez sponsored candidate, her own website is a mirror of all of Perez’ Socialist pork projects and political agenda.

    She’s opposed to natural gas, sans hydro electric natural gas is our cleanest and cheapest source of energy.

    There’s a reason CA electrical rates are 50% higher than the rest of the nation-and scheduled to rise much more, political pork, people like Gabrielle Weeks.

    Solar is the dirtiest form of energy, it pollutes China whom makes the solar panels from the dirtiest coal plants on the planet, it’s inefficient and ultimately will lead to landfills filled with ewaste, mountains of bad debt, and closed industrial plants all over Southern CA because everywhere else on the planet has cheaper electricity.

    There’s a reason Boeing located their plants next to hydro electrical projects, cheap energy.

    High dollar manufacturing jobs come from low local taxes and cheap electricity, the more automation and machinery an employee can use or leverage, the more money they can make.

    Nobody will locate their billion dollar chip manufacturing plant into Long Beach if they have to pay for community redevelopment and solar jobs program with their electrical bill, our import tariffs just aren’t that high.

    The only jobs Long Beach will get will be minimum wage jobs where the employers can cost shift their employee costs unto government programs.

    Vernon is exhibit A, they cost shifted their entire workforce and water bill unto all it’s municipal neighbors, and their wallets.