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[UPDATE] Whittier City School Board Member Irella Perez Jumps Into 32nd Senate Race

English: Seal of the Senate of California

English: Seal of the Senate of California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Senate candidate PerezBy Brian Hews

Whittier City School Board Member Dr. Irella Perez has decided to run as a candidate for the 32nd State Senate District during the June, 2014 California Primary Election.

Perez confirmed to Hews Media Group-Community Newspapers on Wednesday afternoon that she has begun her campaign, and that she made up her mind that she would be a candidate “a few weeks ago.”

“I will be a candidate for the State Senate, and I am anxious to get my message out to the community and to the voters,” Perez said in a brief phone interview.

Perez will be joining a growing list of candidates for the coveted Senate position that includes former California State Assembly Members Tony Mendoza and Sally Havice, Downey Mayor Mario Guerra, Cerritos Councilman Joseph Cho, and La Mirada Businessman Noel Jaimes.

Also considering a run for the open seat is Hacienda Heights-La Puente School Board Member Jay Chen, former Assemblyman Rudy Bermudez.

Challenger Kevirez-Allen has dropped out of the campaign.

The 32nd State Senate District includes most of Southeast Los Angeles County and portions of the San Gabriel Valley.  State Senator Ronald Calderon current represents the area, and is termed out due to voter mandated campaign laws.

Former Assemblyman Thomas Calderon announced on Wednesday that he will no longer be a candidate in the race to replace his brother, according to an article in the Sacramento Bee.

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  • Concerned Citizen says:

    Her candidacy is the result of a joint backroom power grab by Martha Escutia and Cristina Garcia. She’s woefully unqualified and is barely intelligible.

  • Whittierite says:


  • Whittierite says:

    iirellavent !

  • steve smith says:

    Can you post a list of large donors of all the incumbent politicians running for new offices?

  • Hector Perez says:

    To: Concerned Citizen, since when is being intelligible a requirement for state office or any elected office?
    I’m Mexican, born in LA & have a tough time understanding most of them at my city hall, they all speak street dirt.

    • KP says:

      Good point, Hector. I’m also Mexican and born in LA, but that is true, they all speak dirt. As for Irella, I can never understand anything she says and she barely does her job in the office she currently holds. Get some accomplishments under your belt before jumping to that office.

  • Luis B. Hernandez says:

    Cristina Garcia seems to think that she the new Latina powerbroker. God help her if she wants to be the next Martha Escutia. Irella Perez is bad news in my book!

  • Very Concerned says:

    I am not a fan of Cristina Garcia. She lied during her campaign and then publicly apologized. She cannot be trusted. She has a personal agenda and none of her work speaks to what a public servant should represent. Instead, she is power hungry, manipulative, and unethical. As far as Ms. Perez, I agree, make a difference in your own community, represent well, and earn a respectable reputation before seeking higher office. What a shame and disappointment.

  • Inglewood Parent says:

    A brand new principal to a failing district. Has done a terrible job thus far and uses her school office at Kew to do “state senate campaign” business. Someone want to tell me where they do that at? But it doesn’t surprise me when you have relatives at district office that endorse this type of political behavior.

    • Kew Parent says:

      Dear Inglewood parent, Can you be a bit more specific as to who she is related to? I agree that she probably is campaigning while on the school campus her cell phone is glued to her hand and ear instead of paying attention to school matters.