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Pico Rivera City Councilman David Armenta Slapped With Temporary Restraining Order from Female

Pico Rivera City Councilman David Armenta.

Pico Rivera City Councilman David Armenta.

UPDATE AT 3:10 p.m.: Pico Rivera Sheriff’s Captain James Thronton confirmed to HMG-CN that he was “aware of the Temporary Restraining Order” filed against Councilman Armenta, but that his department has not “taken any action on the matter at this time.”  Thornton said that he and his department will continue to follow the progress of the case.  “These type of cases do take place, and we will will make sure that the law is upheld in this situation.” 

Original article posted at 2:47 p.m., September 18, 2013:

By Brian Hews and Brian Hews

Hews Media Group – Community Newspaper has obtained documents filed with the Los Angeles County Superior Court asking for a Temporary Restraining Order and a Request for Domestic Violence Restraining Order that accuse longtime member of the Pico Rivera City Council David Armenta of stalking and harassing a woman with whom Armenta  had a personal relationship for the past several years.

Armenta has been ordered to appear in Norwalk Superior Court on October 1, Department P, Room 503, at 8:30 a.m.  The female victim will seek to have a Permanent Restraining Order issued against Armenta during that hearing.

Hews Media Group-Community Newspaper has interviewed the female involved in the matter who is also the mother of three children.  The PRO also demands that Armenta not have any contact with the two children who are listed as being age 18 and 14.

HMG-CN obtained copies of the order and has decided not to publish the name of the parties involved in the matter at the request of the complainant.  A redacted copy of the 12 page document can be found at the end of this article.

The female victim wrote in her complaint that she wanted Armenta  “not write letters to my place of employment or to anyone to defame my name of character, and to leave me alone.”

The victim claims in the court document that the last time she and Armenta had contact with each other was “three weeks ago,” in late August. “He (Armenta) followed me for a few blocks honking his horn and calling me a whore, bitch, slut, etc.,” the victim states. “He (Armenta) would have continued, but he saw that I was turning into my block.”

The TRO also claims that Armenta is “believed to  possess guns, firearms and/or ammunition.”

HMG-CN left messages with Armenta and Pico Rivera City Manager Ron Bates as well as Pico Rivera Sheriff’s Captain James Thornton about the situation and as of 12:10 p.m. on Wednesday calls had not been returned. Armenta is seeking reelection in the upcoming November 5th city council election in Pico Rivera.



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  • David Filner? says:

    So David Armenta is the NEW BOB FILNER! OMG. Who does this guy think he is trying to fool? Great job Hews and Economy….

  • FLFF says:

    Great job HMG.. these nutters need to be ferreted out and exposed for what they are.. arrogant highly emotion driven latinos full of machismo BULL CRAP!

    Looks like another democrat Bob Filner in the making!!

  • Sal Fernandez says:

    This pig has been treating the women of Pico Rivera like his little harem since he’s been on the city council. He treats women like whores, with no respect and then when they can’t stand him anymore, he smears their names and reputations. This man is pure evil, as sick as they come. I remember years ago he was in the newspaper for urinating on his ex-wife’s home. He’s just sick and disguesting but the fools who vote in Pico Rivera believe his God Bless bullshit. I don’t!

  • Marty Morones says:

    I am certainly not surprised to read this story. How David Armenta has survived in politics is simply a testament to the stupidity of the voters of Pico Rivera. I too have heard Armenta’s holier than thou -God Bless speaches which are phonier than a $3 bill. But the fools believe him. How many times have you heard that he doesn’t work for a living, that he’s always at the Dal Rae, that he runs around with married woman (think Angel Sanchez), and that he plays golf for a living? Before you run off to defend him and say that he’s in his 60’s now and is probably retired, remember that he’s been on the city council for 12 YEARS!. He was still in his late 40’s when he first got elected and he hasn’t worked a day since he’s been feeding off the public teet.

    He has repeatedly tried to screw the unions simply because he’s never been a working man. The clown is waiting for his mother and father to died to secure his sick, demented future. I will continue to vote NO for Armenta!


    Armenta is connected to some of the most notorious and violent gangs in Pico Rivera. He has ties to most of the leaders, many of whom he went to high school with back in 1969. This woman needs to be very careful. Armenta pays the gangs tribute every month for protection which is why he is able to carry out his ongoing extortion of local businesses and some residents. She is in danger and needs to watch her back.

  • Channel 11 -Fox News Alert says:

    Armenta Interview with Reporter John Schwada at luxury resort Rancho Bernardo Inn about who was paying for him to golf:

    Schwada: We asked Pico Rivera Mayor David Armenta who paid his green fees?

    Armenta: My city’s picking up the tab for me…there’s no doubt about it.

    Schwada: Why don’t you pay for it out of your own pocket? You sound like you’re independently weathly -you could afford it?

    Armenta: Again, even if we had to, but again, ahhh, it’s part of…it’s allowable, and again, it’s part of the job. I’m allowed, and I’m suppose to do…go out and network and meet the people.

    Schwada: When asked about vendors and contractors paying for council to golf, Armenta said such arrangements don’t sit well with him.

    Armenta: I don’t want anyone to say (that) you’re giving someone a contract because you played golf with them…I’d rather MY city pay.

    HINT: Go ask Bill Kalpakoff (714) 801-4165/ (562) 259-1239/ (562) 843-4306 from Cal Met trash how many rounds of golf he and his company paid for Armenta over his past three terms on the City Council that Armenta didn’t report.

  • Burning Garbage says:

    LCCN shoud investigate Armenta’s all expense paid trip to Germany in 2011 to “reseaarch” trash conversion technolgy! I understand the City Attorney and City Manager put in writing that he should not accept the trip, given that he was on the trash ad-hoc committee and would then be voting on the multi-million dollar contract.

    Then, the District Attorney needs to look into Armenta’s lavish lifestyle and spending in order to expose the massive cash envelope he got for being the third vote for NASA’s trach contract. If the authorities got all the Pico Rivera trash contract bidders in one room they’d lock this scum bag up for years.

  • City Hall Insider says:

    Residents of Pico Rivera need to keep in mind that Armenta has spent over $100,000 in travel, golf, fine dining and other miscellaneous convention expenses during his 12 years in office. The majoirty of us have been shocked that he had remained in offices given his methods of bringing in one vendor after another in to City Hall for contracts. We do our jobs but just cringe when we see him so openly lining his pockets. He will without a doubt go down in history as the worse Councilman ever in this city.

  • Armenta Neighbor says:

    The District Attorney should look into who paid for Armenta’s home remodeling. He has had trucks and workers at his home at 8124 Arrington for over three years. He had the whole backyard rebuilt with waterfalls and landscaping. He also had the inside completely fixed up with new carpets and furniture. Paul’s TV trucks delivered all new big screens and he also had all new furniture delivered. On the front of the house he had all the walls replaced and new windows installed as well as new planters and grass put in. The place looks nice.

    I went over to tell him how nice everything looked and he gave me the full tour. I asked him if he was rich and he said that he got a good deal because he has good friends that do all the work for him. He tries to make friends with his neighbors by giving us tickets for concerts at the Pico Rivera Sports Arena for free. He told me to tell all my friends that he can get as many as he wants.

    He always has women at his house and he tells me that they are all just whores that want his money. I don’t know why they keep coming to see him. We don’t like him because he is not an honest man. He brags that he doesn’t work and that he is almost a professional golfer. He has offered to take me golfing and if I wanted to take me and my wife to the Dal Rae, that he would pay. My wife tells me to stay away from him that he is a bad person.

  • BFFfamilymember says:

    I get it these women should not be treaten like this… but ALOT OF THESE WOMEN knew exactly what they were doing… I’ve attended a few party that David had hosted … but all of these people knew extaclty what was going on . But it was ok to drink and drink on his or whoever tab it was . The same for these women with expense gifts , wine and dine and yes free concerts, Tiffany jewelry , LV purse etc . I’ve been in his backyard and his home it not what that neighbor said it looks like. Its just a well kept back yard and home …. THOSE WOMEN SHOULD BE CALLED WHAT THEY ARE !!!! have them return the expense gift and donate them if thats the case…

  • DEDE says:

    When a woman acts like a whore she gets treated like one!!!!

  • Angel Sanchez says:

    Of course, Armenta is the victim here. If a woman drinks his El Rodeo booze, eats his Dal Rae food, swims in his pool in the manicured backyard that the Sports Arena vendor paid for, and accepts his NASA trash contract Louie Vuton, Channel and Tiffany’s fun toys, then those tramps better darn well be prepare for abuse and to be treated like dog crap! I mean, come on, take the good with the bad damn it!

    I would support David Armenta’s efforts to legalize prostitution and enslavement in Pico Rivera, but only for women of course. They are all second class citizens and are only good for one thing anyways. Damn right I support Big Dave! Let’s call whores what they really are, turds floating in David Armenta’s toilet.