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Millennium Skyscraper Hit With Lawsuit for ‘Intentionally Misleading the Public’ Over Earthquake Fault Dangers

Opponents of the controversial Millennium skyscraper project in Hollywood, led by attorney Robert P. Silverstein are filing a lawsuit alleging that Los Angeles City officials and the developer of the massive entertainment and high rise complex “intentionally misled the public about the health and safety impacts of the giant project, including its earthquake risks.”

“This lawsuit will test whether City Hall is to be governed by laws or by powerful special interests,” said Silverstein.

Hews Media Group-Community Newspapers were learned of the lawsuit late Tuesday night.

The lawsuit will be filed at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in Downtown.

–Randy Economy

  • Smitty says:

    Is this a private project or a public /private CRA project? Seems to me high rise buildings aren’t in the greater LA master plan, we don’t have the traffic capacity or water supply (we’re not NY), the entire greater LA area should have a traffic mitigation high density building moratorium imposed.