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Central Basin Water and Pacifica Services Secretly Collaborated to Alter Contracts

Former GM Dave Hill fired and escorted from building.

By Brian Hews and Randy Economy

Friday August 23, 4:04 p.m.

Hews Media Group – Community Newspaper has obtained exclusive documents that detail an orchestrated collaboration between former Central Basin Municipal Water District General Manager Art Aguilar, former Interim GM Dave Hill and Ernie Camacho, CEO of Pacifica Services that show contracts being altered that were never approved by the  Directors at CBMWD.

The besieged public agency is the focus of a massive criminal probe by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

HMG-CN has also obtained email exchanges between Hill, Camacho, his son Michael Camacho, and Pacifica Vice President Mike Sission dating back several years that graphically outlines how the private consulting firm leveraged its political clout at the agency outside of the public glare.

It is believed that the new documents obtained and published by HMG-CN on Friday are not part of the current FBI investigation that has already resulted in several search warrants being executed at CBMWD, and at the offices of California State Senator Ronald Calderon in Sacramento.

HMG-CN was also told that Hill was fired late Friday afternoon and was physically escorted from his office by CBMWD security officials.

Hill, a controversial figure at the agency, actively solicited financial assistance from the Camacho’s and Pacifica Services for a campaign he waged for a seat on the Cucamonga Valley Water District a few years ago.

Pacifica Services and the CBMWD are now suing each other in Los Angeles County Superior Court on allegations ranging from contract fraud to negligence.

HMG-CN has also been told that CBMWD officials will amend its lawsuit against Pacifica Services and will now name Aguilar as being part of the complaint.

The documents obtained and published by HMG-CN outline how Camacho and Aguilar interfaced via company emails and graphically display how the “pay to play” scheme between the agency and Pacifica Services was conducted.

Pacifica Services billed Central Basin over $5 million in services since 2007.

Click here for the documents in PDF format.

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