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August 23 Cerritos Community News E-Newspaper

  • McMahon, J. says:

    Saturday, August 24, 2013

    Judge Hickock, Property Preservation Commissioner.

    LCCN: Link

    Philip H. Hickok, Retired Judge.


    Cer PPC has new commissioner, retired Superior Court Judge. Mixed feelings for appointing a Norwalk Judge as a commissioner, poss. conflict of interest and may have to be removed or be silenced from many cases, as may know the defendant being heard by the Property Preservation Commission.

    Additionally, the Commissioners are suppose to be neutral residents, so being a former judge, a judges lifelong legal spin on the hearing, may be entirely different; compared to the remaining 4 person panel. Feel the existing (4) commoners may not have the technical knowledge compared to a Judge, which has a seasoned background as an attorney and has over (40) yrs in the Legal Prosecuting System of the state, and may have privilege information about the defendant.

    Sad, The PPC is a closed binder commission of Five. All Male Appointees, in a diversified city. Females in the city of Cerritos, should be most upset. My take, more females are observant of the appearance of the hood, as males are busy being employed; so females should be appointed and stop the male profiling.

    Sorry, do not support: (Judges, Attorneys, and Police-Sheriffs) being appointed to the PPC, as this raises the technical background knowledge, as a pre-requisite for a neutral panel.

    Property Preservation Agenda, Tues, 8/27/2013:


  • McMahon, J. says:

    Saturday, August 24, 2013.

    Like few former politicians & councilpersons pointed out, “Any and all ghosts in Philips 40 Yrs as Judge will be exposed during any heated controversial votes he casts”, during the PPC hearings. Many are saying, why put family and neighbors thru this type of exploitation and harm Cerritos Brand even more so, after the ongoing Filipino saga following Frank Y removal. Optimist club recycling another retiree, give our youth and young mothers a chance to be appointed and serve the community.