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Letters: Lynwood Mayor Sal Alatorre Lashes Out Over HMG-CN Coverage

Editor’s Note: Below is the EXACT LETTER sent to us, without edits, from Lynwood Mayor Sal Alatorre. We did not change any part of this letter.  — Brian Hews, Publisher

Dear Editor:


First I would like to aopologized for not returning the One phone call I recieved in my office.

I am disappointed that only one page of the full 72 page Investigation Report is available in your News report.

Any one that will have acess to the document will find Mr. Jeffrye E Love the Fact Finder Investagator Statement on Page Number One Paragraph 3.

Reads, “Based on the greater waeight of the Credible Evidence, it does not apear that Mayor Alatorre, in his capacity as the Mayor of the city of Lynwood(the City), has engaged in behavior that would be in violationof the City’s rules against hostile work environment, discrimination and retaliation . 1 The was evidence to show that Mayor Alatorre violated the Lynwood Municipal Code 2-1.7(e)(18)realted to “Positive Work Environment” There does not seems to besufficient eveidence to say that Mayor Alatorre engaged in a behavior that would fall with in the generally eccepted defination of “Hostile work environment”

All I can tell my Connstituants that as MAYOR I was doing and will continue to do just what I was elected to do ask lot of questions.

Regardinng Council woman Castro Short Memory and statements about “Railroading The City Manager” Mr. Haley anounced his Retirement last year during his Performance Review that he was Retiring, at the END of his contract August 5th 2013 so all Council members with little Brain will Remenber that.

The fact of the matter is that Council member Castro wants to distract the Lynwopod Community because we have a Multimillion Contract in our hands and she wants to control it, the word is that she is trying to Collect Money in excahnge for a Promised that she might not be able to deliver!

Remember former Lynwood Council member Fernado Pedroza (Castro’s First Cousing) Procecuted for Bribery along with others, but that an other Horror Story!

I respectfully ask the editor if this New paper to Post this response, for poeple to read both sides of the story.


Salvador (Sa)l Alatorre

Lynwood Mayor

  • McMahon, J. says:

    Friday, August 16, 2013

    Lynwood Yesteryears
    Peoples of the fine city back in the 50’-70’s, sure ran better city. No blite compared to today’s city.

    1. Huge Sears Store complex and mega mall
    2. Seven Day Adventist church and annual national campground yearly in summer months. Acres and acres of camp day centers.
    3. Every street was modest, still pride of ownership.
    4. Great public transportation down the center of many blvd.
    5. Auto dealers.
    6. Quality built custom homes.
    7. Fine restaurants.
    8. Award winning maintained school campuses.
    9. Pre era of Century Freeway.
    10. City free of political corruption and no crime or murders.

  • Southeast Watch says:

    Shame on your Mr. Alatorre, you should resign and enroll in an ethics class first and then pursue completion of your G.E.D. I am pleased to see the new pedigree of candidates in communities of Southeast Los Angeles County, from Lynwood to Whittier. Young men and ladies with vision, ethical standards and degrees from our Nation’s best colleges and universities. You however represent the same shady ignorant profile as previously elected, recalled and or incarcerated local elected officials that have been a cancer to our region. The working families of Lynwood deserve better. For too long, our local municipalities have been under siege by inept career politicians who are foreign to the meaning of public service and place their own agendas before the needs of their constituency. Lynwood was a test ground for former D.A. Steve Cooley’s integrity unit and it seems that they should perhaps return to Lynwood with probes for Alatorre and his buddy and previous FBI target Jose Solache ( Juan Noguez’s BFF) who is looking to now slide over from the school board into City Hall. The people of Lynwood are fortunate to have local reporter/superhero Randy Economy and his Publisher Brian Hews expose how sausage is made in Lynwood and the connected dots of political greed and evil. End corruption and cut the fat.