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WSJ Report: Patch is on Brink of Closure


The Wall Street Journal is reporting that AOL Inc. Chief (Ignorant) Executive Tim Armstrong is resorting to major cuts at the company’s Patch local news unit in a last-ditch effort to turn it into the profitable enterprise he promised it would be by the end of the year.

Taps are starting to play to the delight of many local print newspaper publishers.

See story here, enjoy print publishers!

AOL Chief Ignoramous Tim don't call me LAnce Armstrong waving bye bye to Steve Kalin his top exec and all Patch sites.

AOL Chief Ignoramus Tim “don’t call me Lance” Armstrong waving bye bye to Steve Kalin his top exec and all Patch sites. Good riddance.




  • McMahon, J. says:

    Sunday, August 11, 2013.

    Cerritos Patch.com

    Hate seeing any form of news media quitting, as public depends on their news feeds for transparency.

    Patch.com does not have the top rated Calif administration and our local reporter is very lax on getting out and reporting our rich 90703 Social News. Had lengthy details w/ both local and statewide administration and very very disappointed. Would Ted Turner approve of today Patch staffers?

    1. Orange Co. Register- awesome job of local reports. On Line Viewers will not pay to read news.

    2. Times + Press Telegram- horrid job on reporting 90703 news.

    3. Both LCCN and Patch.com, are missing big news, as not spending enough time going out in to the local service neighborhoods to search for news. News does not come to them; reporters have to hunt down news from local hoods. Neither news media have limited coverage for local social columns for the residents. Readers want to know about their neighbors, before they want to read about municipal citywide news. We are begging to read about who is who today, tomorrow and yesteryears.

    4. Local Patch is too contaminated with news writers from outside 90703, as their coverage is too large diameter. Local editor is too racial and not broad enough to win over viewpoints from Heartland of America….

    5. Fox news is lopsided, too much hate of Democratic and overloaded on Republican hoopla.

    6. Cerritos is begging for GLOSSY monthly news magazine: CERRITOS NEWS IN BRIEF. Cerritos is begging for weekly classified from all of the stores and businesses: Cerritos- Lakewood-Downey-Rossmoor Villages- Long Beach Town Center.

    7. Reported hot feed items to Patch.com, no response, for hot-hot-hot ‘hood events, garden shows, construction events, Regional Park events, Family reunions, car rallies, local campaign events, news from 9 borderline cities, etc. News is in our face, 24/7. No coverage.


    • Brian Hews says:

      Not us here Jim there was no real news on that site and they gave away advertising to get national advertisers, good riddance

      • McMahon, J. says:

        Sunday, August 11, 2013.

        Brian Hews:

        Patch.com forgot the essentials to reporting. Local readers want to Scratch and Sniff, 911 reporting from all aspects of community news feeds.

        Brian, we need behind news feeds about or local elected council –commissioners –trustees, about their personal homefronts & families; plus how do they relate to their hoods!!! Local Society reads never die……………….

        Brian look how your fine paper has evolved from weekly print, to daily on-line version. Wake Up call …..START DELIVERING: LA PALMA, AND ROOSMOOR, allot of heartland of America talent to top in to,

        National advertising Vendors, everyone is titled to make mistakes and learn!!!!!

        Will say, some cities Patch.com has done excellent and being reproduced by the Times and OCR in their news, so there are some trending feeds born from Patch. Even news TV feeds, were born from some of Patch local prints. 90703 was absent to most part.

        • Linkedin.com news is today’s news.

        • Five TV New Show is today’s hot gossip national news.

        • WSJ addresses business in today’s world.

        • Zillow.com- newbie on blocks and visited by Obama, so national real estate reporting is today’s news.

        http://cerritospublicworks.blogspot.com/ This blogg over the past few years, has had over 5M viewers and readers. Being used around the world in universities and public work vendors and projects. Who would of thought, Cerritos Photos would of grown to this proportions.

        • OCR is reporting from all key OC cities, 24/7 and yesterday had great on line followers, which have abandoned the reads and discussion. When on line reads are over 100 long in blogging, something is working.

        • Dear Abby, not only holds readers for decades, but readers have developed body languages, as the writers are hitting on all of the touch and feel buttons for readers to come back over generations. News has to have dimension to hold readers for this long of time, even after the editor is dead.

        • Who would of thought Huffington Post would have lasted, but reporting on society, creates opening dialogs for readers.

        • Look how Martha Stewart and Home & Garden TV have branded from news, to TV and national branding of world wide goods. No one wanted to read about housekeeping and gardening; bingo, photography and sex has push both ratings to stock markets.