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Iconic ‘Dancer’ Sculpture In Cerritos ‘Beheaded’ by Thieves

 HMG-CN Staff Report


In what is becoming a common occurrence, yet another expensive bronze sculpture set was stolen in the city of Cerritos overnight.

The structure called “Dancer”was stolen from in front of the mattress Gallery on the corner of one of the busiest intersections in Cerritos-Artesia and Bloomfield-sometime Friday night or early Saturday morning.

Police investigators were at the scene taking pictures when they were spotted by Hews Media Group-Community News Publisher Brian Hews.

City of Cerritos employees examine the "Dancer" art sculpture that was "beheaded" by robbers early Saturday morning.   Randy Economy Photo

City of Cerritos employees examine the “Dancer” art sculpture that was “beheaded” by robbers early Saturday morning. Randy Economy Photo

Hews inquired as to why they were there and the officers told him that the head of the structure and also the letters City of Cerritos were stolen.

City workers tell HMG-CN that the city’s insurance agency has visited the site to take estimates and city crews were there Saturday afternoon to place a tarp over the structure.

This is another of many incidents where sculptures have been stolen in Cerritos, the “Children” on South and Carmenita were recently removed when one sculpture was stolen and others in the city have been damaged from attempted thefts.  Another valuable piece of art work depicting the iconic leader  Mahatma Gandhi was also recently ripped from its foundation at Alondra and Carmentia.

The “Dancer” was considered to be one of the most valuable pieces of public art in Cerritos.




  • FLF says:

    This will continue as long as the illegal aliens et all figure that they can profit from sealing the metal and selling it to unscrupulous fences. Sorry but it is the sign of the times now, Detroit style! As a society we continue to loose our sense of value at all levels! This is a DIRECT result of ‘diversification’ where historical items and things of beauty mean LITTLE to people NOT FROM here and have no stake in living here except to get free stuff from ‘Santa Claus’ AKA the democrat party for voting for them CONTINUALLY!

    • aba says:

      FLF you are so IGNORANT!!!! Learn how to SPELL and or use proper grammar (loose for lose) before posting such idiotic comments.

      • FLF says:

        Seemed to have touched a libera nerve..

        ha ha ha ha ha ha …how’s that hope and change and diversity thing working out for ya?

  • McMahon, J. says:

    Saturday, August 10, 2013.


    • Two sides of the pancake to examine.

    • Don’t support stealing, but is this really stealing, as the property is in Bankruptcy. Dirty money chasing dirty money crimes. Poor man on the end of the food chain of bankruptcy maybe was never paid, so trying to cash in on money owned for his labor.

    • How many times, has this stolen art been vandalized or bathed in bubbling vandal soap suds. How many time has the art garden been addressed in Property Preservation Commission for non compliance.

    • Plottage home to Cer newest apartments planned communities, so may be trashed during construction build up of big box apartments…..

    • Sheriffs TV cameras are located on this intersection and robbers are free to steal and not get caught in the act.

    • Well the frt doors-steps to the Cerritos sheriff’s station, weeds are growing ramped in the flower beds, sheriff’s butts and stomachs are growing larger by the pound and can not stoop over to clean their own office entrance foyers. ($9M Sheriff Station going to weeds) Why should we expect sheriffs to patrol the city, when the can not even clean their offices? Look at the sheriff gym and locker, broken machines and filthy locker rooms.

    • 4th July, 2012, robber’s stole wire from former Mullikan Pad, during the Cerritos Let Freedom Ring. Across street from sheriff stations.

    • Camera Controlled intersection at Gridley and South, patrolled by sheriffs, yet cameras were stolen from said intersection.

    • Art was stolen from South/ Carmenita Plaza, after many businesses were in foreclosure & the Artesia Owner was placed Cerritos Economic Commission.

    • Art was stolen from the new Mitsubishi Broker, as former dealer had art stolen during foreclosure.

    • Gandhi art was attempted stolen, as this figurehead is former rapists of both men and woman. Is this in support of Prop 8 or what? Maybe Catholic Church was behind this attempt.

    • Sheriff can not even patrol Del Ammo Bridge from weekly graffiti taggers, nor cite the 75MPH racers and illegal 18 wheelers from using a non truck route.

    • Money used for staffing the over night parking process, which is nearing $.5M ylry could be more wisely used chasing crime then parking on streets. Crime is not be detoured by limiting parking between 3am-5am.


    • McMahon, J. says:

      Sunday, August 11, 2013

      Yesteryears ……….PERMANENT BARROWING- STEALING……….| 60 Yrs of Legal Stealing!!!

      Today it is art, which is an easy prey for anyone to cash out for metal value. Yesteryears, thieves capitalized on many objects of prey.

      • 50’s- Stealing of Horticulture and tropical palm trees from gardens. Stealing of rear bumper mounted decorative spare tires. Shop lifting was born from Bog Box stores. Blackmail was growing speed, for tax free freeway to wealth. Post WW2 Vets were stealing benefits to stay alive. Free restaurants was eating one way thru grocery stores. Vets encouraged tax free prostitution.

      • 60’s- Stealing of Outdoor Xmas Decorations. RV’s, Boat, trailers, all leaving the country. Pick pocketing started. Church religious articles were stolen from inside places of worship. Outdoor flood lights were stolen by thousands……..Hotel linens were stolen off of the bed-baths from guests. Food stamps + blue-green chip stamps were new trading in commodity for theft rings.

      • 70’s- Stealing of car 8 track stereo players, sold from Swamp Meets. Condoms, ciggys, booze were stolen from Market Shelves. Gasoline siphoned to compliment ODD/EVEN days at the pumps. Child theft of blonds to other countries for reproduction purposes. Drug of choice was LSD and became grand theft targets.Rental Car mileage and speedometer fraud was wild cards….

      • 80’s – Stealing of outdoor patio-lawn furniture. During Cerritos Build-up stages, many municipal parkway plants were dug up and stolen to replant in brand new home landscapes. Stolen Spray paint cans making way for national graffiti taggers. White collar crime consummated in work force. Equal Opportunity Laws were stealing and raping public jobs and money.

      • 90‘s- Stealing of front door mats, garden hoses, window shutters, catalytic converters, VCR’s, potted plants, automotive Glass T Tops. Theft of early stage computers. Businesses cheated employees left and right- as business created #1 White Collar Crimes. HMO-PPO Ins rip-offs and crimes.

      • 2000’s- Stealing of 3rd row SUV seats, Public Art Pieces, Granite Tombstones, cutting off long locks of human hairs. Stealing metal anything to sell for profit. Personal identity theft out of control. Electronic hand held devices being stolen. Insurance companies making huge profits from milking billions out of Ins Bad Faith Denials Letters. Business stealing out of 401K, reigning on retirement and medical packages.

  • Jessie says:

    Lets just blame the illegal aliens shall we? Thieves come in all colors and shapes. Can anyone prove illegal aliens are behind this? Racism is very well still alive.