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Cerritos Woman Survives Shark Attack In Maui

Cerritos resident Evonne Cashman is lucky to be alive after she survived a shark attack in Hawaii on Thursday.

“It happened so fast. I didn’t see him coming. I didn’t see him leave. He just came and hit me hard, and bit me hard; and I took off swimming to the shore as fast as I could,” said Cashman.

Cashman was bitten by what doctors estimate was a 20 to 25-foot shark.

Officials with the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources said they are still conducting an investigation and have not yet made an informed determination on the size or type of shark involved.

Cashman, 56, gave television interviews from her hospital room in Maui including to the website www.mauinow.com.

It is not known how long she will be hospitalized.

Cashman had several family members from Cerritos who were interviewed by Southern California television news stations on Thursday night.

–Randy Economy

You Tube Credit: www.Mauinow.com

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