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July 26 Hews Media Group Community News E-newspaper

CN E-edition

  • McMahon, J. says:

    LCCN | Mini Tree Study Session | PPC

    Tues, 07/30/13


    Not happy with the Neutral showdown by some of the PPC/commissioners. New 90703 Economic Norms; will the Cerritos budget be able to shoulder the fallout from street trees trespassing and destroying Private Property -Public Works projects?

    Maybe this task is too complicated for the PPC commissioners, as some public works, arborists and horticulturalists should give expert testimonies on the destruction of Gigantic Forest Trees being forced to grow in Condominium Residential postage size plots.

    Citywide Build-out from 1960’s Sewer- water Lines are buried beneath our street trees. This has not been addressed, as the overage weight of said parkway trees, is stressing out the post frail construction of said infrastructure, as subsoil is being contaminated by sewer being deposited in to our sub-water tables. No one has discussed how the tree roots are growing over gas lines and meters, ripe for hood explosions. No one has discussed how the tree’s sooty mold fungus is growing in attics and roofing insulations, HVAC of our housing stock!

    ►►Tree Infections | Death◄◄

    Many 90703 trees are dying, as city of Cypress allows homeowners to choose from list of trees to replace parkway trees. These are few of dying trees; as we need to try to escape from the monochromatic trees found in 90703.

    • Olive Tree death.
    • Cypress Trees death.
    • Aleppo Pine Tree- Ipps Beatles death.
    • Eucalyptus Bark Beetles death.
    • Sycamore Blite death.
    • Dutch El Disease death.
    • Lemon Tree Blites death.
    • Ficus Blites (Bellflower) death.
    • Palm tree crown Rot death.
    • Magnolia death.
    • Coral Tree Fungus-death.
    • Sudden Oak Death.

    Pray that the LCCN keeps the residents notified for up coming tree study sessions.