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Compton Resident Urges DA to Investigate Ties Between Councilman Galvin and Angel Gonzalez

By Brian Hews and Brian Hews

Newly elected Compton City Councilman Isaac Galvan has been on the job for a little more than a month, but he is now on the receiving end of a public complaint filed this week by a local community leader with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Public Integrity Office.

Galvan, 26, was elected to the Compton city council to represent District 2 in balloting that took place in June.

Demirea Perry, a longtime resident of Compton, and a former Field Deputy to Los Angeles City Councilman Bernard Parks, is asking District Attorney Jackie Lacey to investigate Galvan’s ties with Angel Gonzalez, who was hired as the councilman’s assistant at more than $47,000 per year.

In 2002, Angel Gonzalez was convicted of a felony charge, reduced to a misdemeanor, for sending out attack mailers with fake documents. He was also convicted on two misdemeanor counts of sending out misleading campaign fliers.

Gonzalez also worked with convicted felon Rick Mayer coordinating current embattled Central Basin Municipal Water District President James Roybal and Director Leticia Vasquez’ campaigns. At the time of their election, the two owed Gonzalez and Mayer over $45,000 and sources told HMG-CN that Mayer was expecting contracts from CBMWD for helping in the elections.

Gonzalez is the owner of Pyramid Printers, a company that specializes in hard hitting political attack pieces and who has a long list of clients throughout Southeast Los Angeles County. Councilman Galvan is an employee of Pyramid and Gonzalez.

Many consider the two to be close personal allies.

On Tuesday, Hews Media Group – Community News was given a copy of the complaint by Perry that is dated July 28, 2013.

In his complaint, Perry said that Galvan and Gonzalez “continue to use blackmail tactics on political candidates, and elected officials if they don’t use their services for political campaigns.”

Galvin was the focal point of an article in theLos Angeles Times and the relationship between him and Gonzalez.

Perry said that “the conflict of interest appears when (Galvan and Gonzalez) use city money, time, office, and computers, to work on their candidates campaign material” from city hall.

“It’s interesting that Mr. Galvin employed his boss, and in return Mr. Gonzalez kept his boss Mr. Galvin on payroll. I never imaged that an elected representative could employee a person that he works for and as a favor hire them as their staff person,” Perry contents.

In the letter to Lacey, Perry said that “Mr. Galvin has recently threatened to blackmail a few political figures, making up outrageous rumors, and using his employer/liaison to use campaign mailer to discredit candidates.”

“Pyramid Press has a history of fraud, corruption, and carrying out violent acts against elected officials,” Perry said.

Perry goes on to claim that Galvin and Ricardo “Rick” Mayer, a well-known political figure in SE Los Angeles County politics who is a former convicted felon, “use fear tactics, (and) they are falsifying addresses, and running for seats (Isaac Galvin), and nevertheless these acts need to stop, and need to be thoroughly investigated.”

Perry also stated in his complaint that “Galvin has been hostile towards colleagues, and other African American elected leaders. This combative behavior and unethical morals will detour the City (of Compton) from moving forward in a positive image.”

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