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Group Opposes Reinstatement of Vandalized Gandhi Statue in Cerritos

Statue of Gandhi comes under fire in Cerritos. File Photo

Statue of Gandhi comes under fire in Cerritos. File Photo

By Brian Hews

A recently vandalized statue of Hindu religious icon Mohandas Gandhi in front of a Cerritos law firm has sparked a strong reaction from a group that is demanding that the art piece not be reinstated.

Last week, members of Organization for Minorities of India sent a letter to Cerritos Mayor Bruce Barrows and other top city officials who claim that the statue of Gandhi “has no place in a progressive society.”

Arvin Valmuci, Coordinator, OFMI, told Hews Media Group-Community News that that requesting that Barrows and other city council members permanently remove of the Gandhi statue that previously was placed in front of business at the southwest corner of Carmenita Road and Alondra Boulevard.

The piece was donated by the Chugh Law Firm to the city’s “Art in Public Places” program.  The Cerritos and Artesia communities are home to thousands of residents who previously lived in India and nearby Pioneer Boulevard is now called “Little India.”

Chugh Law Firm does not own the art piece.

The statue was toppled from its concrete foundation in a botched robbery on April 16, and the piece has been warehoused for repairs.  Several expensive bronze and brass sculptures have been stolen in Cerritos, Norwalk and Santa Fe Springs during the past few years.

Mohandas K. Gandhi (1869-1948), political and ...

Mohandas K. Gandhi (1869-1948), political and spiritual leader of India. Location unknown. Français : Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (1869-1948), Guide politique et spirituel de l’Inde. Lieu inconnu. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“The Cerritos Gandhi statue is an offense to progressive human values of life, liberty, and equality,” said Bhajan Singh, Director of Organization for Minorities of India.

“Why would any city idolize someone who abused his grandnieces sexually and his wife psychologically, sympathized with Hitler, and spread racial segregation in South Africa before Apartheid,” Singh said.

HMG-CN was told by Singh and other leaders of OFMI that on July 24, they sent Barrows and other Cerritos City Council members a 6-page letter citing “conciliatory letters written by Gandhi to Hitler at the height of World War II.”

“His (Gandhi’s) campaigns to segregate black Africans from Indians while working as a lawyer in South Africa, and how he refused penicillin to his sick wife but took it himself six weeks after her death,” the letter stated.

The letter also claims Gandhi forced his two grandnieces, 17-year-old Manu and 18-year-old Abha, to share his bed naked, as infamously documented by biographer Jad Adams in his 2010 book, “Gandhi: Naked Ambition.”

“The Gandhi statue honors a man who sexually abused his grandnieces in a manner which would have resulted in his arrest and imprisonment for rape if done in Cerritos today,” said Arvin Valmuci, OFMI coordinator. “Yet perhaps most shocking is how Gandhi entrenched the divisive practice of caste in South Asian society. Caste is institutionalized social tyranny destructive to a civilization of diversity and equality, but Gandhi defended segregationist caste practices by fasting unto death to defeat civil rights movements promoting intercaste dining, drinking, marriage, and social mobility. So now millions of low-caste South Asians remains trapped in an ancient system of social slavery.”

Located outside the firm, it was subject to approval by the Public Arts Committee and the City Council. Condemning the statue as propaganda used to whitewash human rights atrocities by the present Indian government, Bhajan Singh cited state funding for dozens of other statues around the world.

Several North American cities have recently seen similar efforts for removal of Gandhi statues, OFMI claims.

In 2010, OFMI approached the San Francisco Arts Commission seeking removal of a statue outside the San Francisco Ferry Terminal.

An official at Chugh Law Firm did not want to comment about the situation, and referred all calls to Cerritos City Hall.

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  • McMahon, J. says:

    Monday, July 29, 2013


    Fails location, location, location:
    • Should not be at the entry gateway to any city.
    • Not visible for security.
    • Too close to street –intersection, as could be hit easily by run-a-way vehicles accidents.
    • Poorly visible under tree canopy.
    • Horrid landscape surround & lacks staging for sitting.
    • Very easy location to be stolen by 18 wheeler and loose chain.
    • Product of (5) woman commissioner and all female staff. No digestion of male dialogs.
    • Art is subjective, so all art is (hate love) topics, which creates dialog, but this art does not belong in this location.
    • Tired of the monochromatic appearance of all the bronze art here and yonder for 90703.
    • No maintenance standards for all art citywide.
    • Why install this human like art in a trucking corridor Blvd.?
    • Del Amo-Pioneer ( Art depicting cleaning dirty laundry) Disgusting too!!!!!
    • City needs to create art to replicate the past history of Cerritos and Dairy Valley:
    Dairy, farms, auto mall brokers, deceased livestock, windmills, poultry, Heavenly art, Airstream Trailers.


  • Bhajan says:

    The gandhi statue will go down as the most o
    Ignorant decision by politicians A simple google or visit to http://www.gandhism.net would show the embarrassment the city officials have erected. Gandhi was racist ,

    • Pieter Singh says:

      Gandhi was racist, yes, but even more bizarrely, considering the CIty of Cerritos decided to honor him with a statue, he was a sexual predator who abused his own grandnieces for years. This is from Organization for Minorities of India’s website, with excerpts from Wall Street Journal and The Independent articles:


  • Jasmine says:

    Utterly indited content , thanks for selective information .