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Neighbors Accuse Local Wal-Mart Stores In Cerritos, La Palma of ‘Violating Laws’


Delivery trucks line up at new Wal Mart Market in Cerritos.

Delivery trucks line up at new Wal Mart Market in Cerritos.

By Brian Hews

Residents in both Cerritos and La Palma have voiced vocal concerns since the construction of two new Wal-Marts opened in both municipalities during the past four months.

Residents who live on De Vries Lane and Verner Drive in La Palma say that a new Wal-Mart Grocery Store built next to their homes has interrupted their quality of life and are upset about being awakened by early morning and late-night delivery trucks since the store opened May 10.

Residents of Cerritos also have also reached out to Hews Media Group-Community News saying that the recently completed facility at the popular Cerritos Towne Center at Bloomfield Avenue and Artesia Boulevard has created a “dangerous traffic hazard” because of store trucks appear to be skirting parking laws by pulling up next to the red “Fire Lane” curbs to unload in the alley behind Walmart.

La Palma city officials confirmed that the new store could be in violation of the city’s strict noise ordinance and have set plans to meet with Walmart after residents complained at the last City Council meeting.

Rene Buchanan, a La Palma resident who’s been vocal about the disturbances said, “I want to see some movement to stop this practice so they can be good neighbors, I like Walmart.”

A Cerritos resident who did not want to be identified, but sent pictures to HMG-CN, said “you can clearly see the truck is parked on the red painted curb. My daughter and I witness some cars almost having multiple accidents. Fire Station #30 fire vehicles were just down the road and parked in the next parking area near the theaters. They must

have seen this and to no avail did nothing.”


“Are the Cerritos Sheriff and the Fire Station being told to look the other way when it comes to Walmart? Why are they allowed to stack up wood pallets inside their loading and un-loading dock?

La Palma city code prohibits loud noises between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. Walmart’s permit also states in no uncertain terms that deliveries cannot be made during those hours.

Cerritos also has a noise ordinance, and according to Code Enforcement, the hours are tailored to each individual store that opens in the city.

Between May 1 and 27, La Palma’s Code Enforcement Office received 10 complaints about after-hour deliveries.

No complaints have been lodged with Cerritos Code Enforcement or the Sheriff’s office.

La Palma officials said the city has not ticketed Walmart but wants to work with Walmart to ensure all drivers know the times they are allowed to make deliveries.

Charlie Ochoa, manager of the La Palma Walmart, said he’s been communicating with Walmart drivers to not arrive before 7 a.m. The store also has ordered a sign stating delivery hours, due in the coming weeks.

“This is a brand new store,” Ochoa said, “we are striving to follow the city code,” he said.

The store manager for Cerritos could not be reached for comment.

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