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July 19 Hews Media Group-Cerritos News E-edition

July 19 Cerritos News e-edition, click on image to view in full screen.Thanks for visiting our website!




  • McMahon, J. says:

    Saturday, July 20, 2013

    FAC: Thurs. 7/18/2013

    Shocked to learn:

    Private donations of art pieces with advertising name plaques of business donors, must not be advertised in public place, such as in the council chambers, etc; unless there is a policy resolution allowing. Boy, 500 stores in the city, could have free advertising in public city property, by donating art pieces. Hope this VW broker is not allowed to advertise his credentials on its donation; this is just paid advertising and not fair for all of the other Cerritos base businesses.

    Open Call for temporary art pieces has gone on to long. Already gone thru one term of council and the rate of conception for this open call could lag over in to the 2015 elections. Pads are poured and still the open call process has not even begun. What’s up?

    Cliff Garden Art Contract must be poorly written, as first breached his contract, by creating art outside of the state and now by delivering his goods, maybe as early as 2014.

    One of the art pieces which have been removed at the frontage of CVS-Ralphs strip mall, is owned by the city and people. Hence, since the art has been removed by a private business, a public hearing on its removal and storage is appropriate. My opine, the developers of the mall is hostaging public art, without due diligence of public hearing.

    Cer Sculpture Garden is in the worst condition I have witnessed. Weeds, dead vegetation, burned out lamps, wild cats mating, debris, etc.

    Sorry to go against the FAC and CCC, but hearing over and over, all of the strip mall art pieces, are all looking the same….construction of same materials, poor landscape maintenance and no maintenance to sculpture and the sizes citywide are all same boring dimensions. WE NEED DIVERSITY IN MATERIALS, SUBJECT AND SIZE, something to wow our history! This auto mart art is so so boring!!!!


    Still say, the FAC needs some male commissioners and staff, as the above is just poor administration and management.