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By Brian Hews and Brian Hews

The Central Basin Municipal Water District has cut its ties with Gilbert Cedillo, Jr., who oversaw Business Development for the embroiled public agency just days after Hews Media Group – Community News published details of how taxpayers picked up $22,000 in tuition costs for him to attend an elite private university here in Southern California.

CBMWD spokesman Joseph Legaspi confirmed that Cedillo, Jr. was officially relieved of his job in which he earned $112,970 annually. That does not include medical and retirement benefits.

Cedillo, Jr. is the son of Los Angeles City Councilman Gilbert Cedillo, Sr.  His father is considered by many to be one of the most powerful and influential political figures in East Los Angeles.

Legaspi confirmed in interviews that Cedillo Jr. will “no longer be associated with Central Basin Municipal Water District as of July 31st 2013.”
HMG-CN has also confirmed that Cedillo, Jr. was offered and accepted a severance package “per the district administration policy” that will allow him an additional six weeks of salary and benefits. The severance is worth over $13,000.

On July 5th, HMG-CN published records showing that taxpayers have paid more than $22,000 so Cedillo Jr. could complete his college education at the Christian based Azusa Pacifica University in the East San Gabriel Valley area.

It was documented that Cedillo Jr. was taking 39 units during four terms at Azusa Pacific during the 2012- 13 years to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership/Applied Management.

Cedillo Jr. was rarely seen at work for the past several months by employees and elected directors of the district, but still collected his six-figure salary.
Copies of checks written to Azusa Pacific University to cover the costs of Cedillo Jr’s., salary was approved by former CBMWD General Manager Art Aguilar who is a longtime personal friend of Cedillo’s family.

Cedillo Jr., wrote on his initial application form that he wanted “to continue my education and learn the most effective methods at becoming a great leader and manager.” “I will also be fulfilling the terms and conditions of my employment by enrolling in this program per GM Art Aguilar’s requirement.  The start date is July 24, 2012,” Cedillo Jr. stated in the Professional Development Authorization application.

Cedillo said that his anticipated graduation date is in October 2013.

A public records request by HMG-CN pertaining to Cedillo’s grades and if he graduated was refused by CBMWD attorneys citing Government Code Section 6255 which states, “the public interests served by non-disclosure clearly outweighs the public interest served by disclosure of the records.”

The firm also cited privacy laws in revealing the grades.

Legaspi also confirmed that Cedillo Jr. will not be “responsible” for paying back the public tuition doled out by taxpayers.

“Mr. Cedillo, Jr., does not have to pay Central Basin Water Municipal District back the tuition, per our Professional Development Assistance Program.”
A replacement for Cedillo has not been made public.

  • Smitty says:

    Aren’t accredited institutions obligated to confirm or deny whether they’ve granted a degree or not to somebody?

    How is anybody to verify Cedillo Jr’s claimed degree?

    BTW, how many CALPERS credits does Cedillo Jr have? How long has he been claimed to be on the public payroll?

  • FLF says:

    “One Bill” Gil Cedillo Sr is one of the MOST smugly arrogant AND contemptibly corrupt dumbocraps in the entire legislature! He should BE in jail AND should have been ran out of the legislature on a rail OR tarred and feathered! But as usual like the other districts in LA city the UNEDUCATED masses of retarded liberal sheep voters continued to PUT him back in office TIME and TIME and TIME again despite what they saw! He promised them FREE stuff and they wanted and TOOK it.. now his son is EXACTLY like his old man! I HOPE he is brought up on CHARGES and prosecuted FULLY!

    • Mike Tyson says:

      Diane, $22,000 isn’t just for tuition. No, that includes books, mileage and everything associated with the courses including tutors and instructional aides.

      What’s most amazing here is that Central Basin hired this guy for a job that required a college degree. He didn’t have a degree, heck, he was only 35 years old at the time he was hired. So rather than start him off in an entry level position at entry level pay, because his father is buddies with the Calderon crime family, old Jr. is placed in a senior management position starting at over $100,000 for a job he wasn’t qualified for. Hell, he even had his own Central Basin credit card to take his friends to lunch and expensive dinners. Brian and Randy, have you looked into that? Wanna bet he’s charged a few meals these past couple of months while he’s been sitting idle twiddling his thumbs?? Who allows things like this to happen at a public agency?

      What I really hope is that people see is that this guy was only given the boot as a result of this newspaper’s story and that the majority here at the district (Roybal, Apodaca and Vasquez) protected this joker (at Ernie Camacho’s orders naturally) while Fuentes, Beilke, Glasman and Annette Ramirez were fired??? Wonder why considering they all did actual work? Does it need to be spelled out any clearer who runs this place?

      • Hector Alvarado says:

        I think it speaks volumes that for some unknown reason Gil Jr. was untouchable at Central Basin Water while the obviously scandalous majority of Bob Apodaca, James Roybal and Leticia Vasquez fired key staff who were uncovering corruption at ever turn. I hope those fired at the demands of those three Board Member like Beilke, Fuentes and Ramirez all sue the crap out of that agency for whistle blowing and retailitation. In my opinion, it could not be more obvious that Cedillo was a go along, get along guy with serious Calderon connections who was taken care of in the most crystal clear manner.

  • Mike Tyson says:

    This is disgusting and should be criminal. Jr. performed ABSOLUTELY no function at the district and was simply being paid in “tribute” to daddy One-Bill Gil! For over two years he did NOTHING but show up and collect a paycheck.

    The fraud that exists at this agency is simply overwhelming and all consuming. ALL THE PIG’S GOT FAT!! Whether it be the Godfather Ernie Camacho and Pacifica ($5 million), The Hammer Tom Calderon ($1 million plus), the Pervert Bob Apodaca (see checks to his wife Caroline paid by the District and Bob’s 460 reports), the Stooge Art Aguilar ($200,000 a year and a goodbye package worth nearly $300,000), the Consigliere lawyer Dougie Wance and his HDR partner David Cobb (Millions in contracts), Big Daddy George Cole (Millions to Oldtimer’s), Yes Man Dave Hill (far overpaid at $120,000 a year), and then there’s Big Game James Roybal (only $5K seems to get this chump aroused apparently), and Luscious Leticia Vasquez (God knows how hard she squeezed Ernie’s lemon).

    BUT, by far the one that did the LEAST for his money would be pretty boy Gil Jr.! Why management has allowed Gil Jr. to continue being paid by the district when he hasn’t even been in the office for MONTHS is beyond reason! And to think he’s STILL being paid until July 31st and then will STILL be paid another month and a half is DISGUSTING! We’re talking about close to $50,000 paid without even showing up to the office anymore.


    • Taxpayers Revenge says:

      The head of the snake must be cut off. Otherwise, the corruption will just keep happening. It is all business as usual, for La Familia. All of these brujos must go.

  • unclechumley says:

    Gil Cedillo Sr. was just elected to LA City Council 1st district. Term began July 1st. He beat a field deputy to the former councilman who made many positive changes and knew the district well.

  • Victor says:

    Don’t. Feel sorry for this guy . His next job will pay him more with better perks . Look at the most corrupt former city manger Pedro Carrillo whom spent $25 million of city of Bell’s money without city council approval . And now he is so called chief of STUFF for big and powerful Ass. Roger Hernandez.
    Good luck Gil Jr. Now everyone is watching your every move .